Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Haphazard Banoffee Pie

I made this a couple of days ago from half a tim of caramel left over from making millionaires shortbread earlier. Banoffee Pie is really easy as there is no cooking so it's just an assembly job. However mine didn't really go to plan...

Well first I split the bag breaking up the biscuits!

This photo makes it look at bit better than it actually was. The caramel was really hard to spread around.

And finally when I assembled it all and put it in the fridge to cool, my firdge had other ideas and froze it!
However in saying all that it tasted really good and I'm really glad I had a go at making it. I contemplated not sharing my woeful banoffee pie on here. Then I realised that actually I really liked it and we learn from our mistakes. I'm sure next time I make a banoffee pie it will look just as good as this one tasted. That is if the fridge is on my side!

Anyone made a good banoffee pie? Please let me know how your supposed to make it because as usual I wasn't following a recipe.

Kate xx

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