Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tale as old as Time

So you may remember me saying I was really looking forward to loads of things this month. Well this was one of them. My school put on an amazing run of performances of Beauty and the Beast. Several of my friends were on stage, in the orchestra or helping with the organising. I have to firstly draw your attention to the poster for the show above which one of my amazingly talented friends painted. Nextly I have to just run down all the wonderful things that happened in the play:
  1. My beautiful best friend started of proceedings as the narrator and I was very proud of course.
  2. There was fire, smoke and pirotechnics!! All very exciting.
  3. Some very cute children as teacups and spoons
  4. And some hilarious backstage videos uploaded to youtube including the Harlem shake.
I throughly enjoyed a very professional and talented cast putting on a great show but also they thanked the teachers that had helped them warmly.

I have lots more news from the past few days which I will let you know soon

Kate xx

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  1. This sounds like a fun production. Local productions can be great.