Friday, 28 June 2013

Ticking off my summer list: No more L plates

Won't be needing L plates anymore!
 Number one ony list of things to do this summer was a really practical one. I needed to pass my driving test. I live in such a rural place that having your own car is a necessity as otherwise you are reliant on others for lifts places. And last week I managed to pass the test and immediately ripped the L plates off my car. However it wasn't until Monday that I was able to drive on my own for the very first time.

It seemed really weird to drive on my own. I was really nervous when I was getting myself ready and ended up going way to early. Which meant of course that I arrived at my destination much too early. But hey, better early than late! Credit has to go to my driver instructor as once I was driving I felt really calm and like I could handle each situation. As I was driving mainly down country lanes theres always something going on.

I have now driven several longish journeys on with friends and family but it still feels really weird that I can jump into the car and go wherever I want for a change. I love the freedom hope that my little car will allow me to go on plenty of adventures.

After I passed my instructor gave me a present of a road map. I thought this was really sweet and can't wait to start planning my adventures with it.

Kate xx

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