Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Sporadic Blogger

I'm a sporadic blogger. I have fits and bursts of blogging and times when my life just gets in the way. And I've decided that's ok becuase blogging is what you want it to be.

So here is a round up of what's happened in my life since I last was able to take two minutes to have a chat:

I am loving my job! You might remember I got a job coaching sports in primary schools. Well my hours are steadily increasing which means I get to do more of a range of sports. I'm currently taking classes in dodgeball, football, hockey, dance and my favoured cricket. But that's not all, the company is moving into doing more work in performing arts and my collegue and I have been chosen to move this forwards. Therefore last week I qualified as an arts award advisor and assessor. If you're not familiar with the arts award take a look at their website. Basically the award allows young people/ children to explore all forms of the arts and their own creativity. It's such a good project and I look forward to delivering it!

I'm also looking forward to Christmas when many of my friends get back from University. I have missed them so much and I look forward to seeing them crazy folks and having lots of festive events. The chill has just hit (she says as she sits with her dressing gown over her slothes becuase it's so cold) so it's starting to feel a lot more festive round here. I even found myself singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" yesterday.

But there is also exciting things in the here and now. They may be little things but they make my day just that little bit brighter:
- Seeing a beautiful rainbow right across the sky when driving yesterday
- Waking up to a frost which makes swirling patterns on the roof of my car
- How it really feels like autumn now the trees have finally reached shades of fiery reds, oranges and brown.
- How good cheese on toast is when you come in from the cold
- Getting back into knitting
- Ending each day with a hot chocolate made with the best invention ever - the Horlicks masher!

I know many of the things I mention are to do with the weather but the weather is around us all the time affecting us. And it is a cliche but in England we do seem to talk about the weather a lot!

How's life in your world?
Kate xxx

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