Tuesday, 25 February 2014

52 Lists: Nine

52 Lists: List your best qualities

I found this topic really difficult. I hate writing about myself. It's just a kind of awkward situation that involves a bit of separation from yourself so you can look in from outside and a lot of self awareness. Or maybe that's me over-thinking it! Well anyway I gave it a shot then asked my friends to give me a few things too. So here we have the collective effort: 
  1. I always try to be optimistic about situations (yes I'm a glass half full kind of girl)
  2. I'm always on hand to bring you comfort food and a cuddle
  3. I can bake pretty awesome cakes
  4. I love a chat
  5. I love meeting new people and hearing about their lives ( Yes bloggers that includes you lot so please drop us a line on twitter or email: katethompson45@gmail.com )
  6. I will listen even though I don't always have a solution
It was mega mega hard. When I sat down to write I couldn't think of anything so hopefully this list is just a little snapshot (I hope). 

I love hearing from you so let me know what you think.
Kate xx


  1. It can be hard to write about ourselves, which is why challenges like this are so great! Awesome idea to get your friends to contribute, too :)

    Sophie | Onetenzeroseven

  2. I was a challenge but one I enjoyed. It's good to think about good points. It made for a funny conversation I can tell you!

  3. How lovely. Everyone should sit down and take the time to think about this. 1,3 & 6 are very important too! :D

    Best wishes, Danielle x

    1. I found it very difficult to come up with these answers but hope I've got across some of my good characteristics.
      Kate xx