Tuesday, 4 February 2014

52 Lists: Six

52 Lists: List the things that make you happy you're alive

  1. Sunsets and sunrises
  2. Crisp cold days where it's so cold you can see your breath and pretend you're a dragon. (although I obviously don't do such childish things!).
  3. Laughter everyday
  4. All the amazing feedback I get from coaching and teaching - makes it all worthwhile
  5. The swirling patterns of frost on my car
  6. Smiles
  7. The fact that I have already seen many snowdrops (spring is actually coming!)
  8. Baking and cooking with my friends. It's great to sit down to a meal that we've just spent time preparing.
  9. When my nail varnish is just perfect although it chips after about 2 seconds so this is very short-lived.
  10. Barbecues and other social eating occasions 
  11. Tea and cakes or maybe a cream tea.
  12. Long chats about life with Mum over hot chocolate in the evenings
  13. How if you look up into the night sky you can see things that are millions of miles away and happening millions of years ago but yet standing here you can still change your own way in the world. Plus stars are so pretty.
I loved this week's topic. I chose a mix of really big things and some small everyday things that make you smile. I think this might be a list I revisit because I just know I could have gone on for 100's of things in this one.

Again take a look at Made in Hunters where Ema is creating this great project. Also Scarlett has made a list (yes we all love a list) of all the bloggers involved in 52 Lists here so hop over there to see everyone else has put for the topics.

I'd love to hear your thoughts
Kate xx 

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