Tuesday, 15 April 2014

52 Lists: Sixteen

52 Lists: List your perfect weekend to do list

  1. A lovely lay in, possibly with a good book
  2. A good bacon sandwich with lashings of tomato ketchup
  3. Time in the garden playing with Ben, my sprocker spaniel cutie
  4. Afternoon tea at a little cafe with my family
  5. A long summer evening of BBQ and relaxing with friends
  6. Beautiful Sunshine again for a game of cricket. Whether I'm watching, coaching or playing I know I will enjoy myself and have a laugh. Even if I'm coaching ( essentially working) it will be all worth it because of the smiles and happiness of those I coach. Their enjoyment gives me so much happiness.
  7. An evening in the pub after the game sharing stories and banter.
  8. A day off on Monday to recover from the weekend!
Emma is surpassing herself with excellent topics. Do go and check out her post for this week here.

I'd love to here what would make you perfect weekend...
Kate xx


  1. These list posts are always so interesting! I enjoy reading them!

    1. Great to hear. I really appreciate you coming to hear my ramblings :) xx