Sunday, 11 May 2014

When I grow up...

When I was at primary school I really wanted to be a wedding planner. I loved baking cakes and I guessed that all there was to planning a wedding was turning somewhere with an amazing cake that everyone wanted to eat. Everyone has got to be happy with that! I also loved planning parties. I remember organising a surprise party for one of my friends when I was still at primary school. I suppose another big bonus of this job for the young me was all the pretty dresses involved in weddings. Although when I was little I was quite tomboyish, the sight of a pretty dress still made me happy. I suppose I had no clue about weddings. I've still only been to a couple in my life. But for little me there seemed to be this magic around them and I want to be there to plan them for people.

The next job I wanted to do was be an actress. I loved being on the stage, but thank god there isn't any video evidence because I'm sure I was the most wooden actress ever seen. My starring role was Babushka, an old lady, in a school play. However these dreams were well and truly shattered when I was cast as villager 6 one year! Bearing in mind there was about 50 pupils in my school at the time, I can tell you that Village 6 did not come anywhere near the list of main characters. I was distraught. I actually went home and cried. Actually come to think of it, I might have cried then and there when I was told. How embarrassing and drama-queenesque!

Then I wanted to be the Prime Minster. At this point I literally had no idea about politics (and to be honest I don't know that much more know). I was on the school council and was voted chairperson. I thought this pretty much qualified me to run the country. I mean I could run off some posters for a cake sale and single-handedly organise a fair. I was quite organised bossy and loved to be in control. Some there we are. Aren't you glad I never went for PM? I mean there's still a chance!

All my life I've been interested in charity work and one of the other jobs I've wanted to do was work for a charity. I wanted to know I was making a difference. Around this time I organised quite a few charity events. A murder mystery, some cake sales and a fair. Nothing spectacular, but I did enjoy the organising. I suppose in reality I don't like paperwork and I don't see too many jobs in charities that don't involve just a smigen of admin.

Towards the end of high school I really wanted to be an Au Pair. This wasn't going to be a long term career but more a way of having a gap year and travelling and doing something I enjoy which is working with children. The idea of culture and maybe learning a new language excited me. I liked the idea of helping children with everyday tasks and educating them a little on the world. Then I realised I'm way too much of a homebody. I like knowing where I'm going and the though of staying with a family I'd never met in a country I'd never been to for a year was pretty scary.

This is just a sample of the many jobs I've wanted to do over the years. So I suppose what I'm saying is although some people have a definite goal in life, mine is more meandering. Currently I'd really like to become a teacher. I enjoy my work coaching children immensely and would like to take it further to teaching. However I know that I am young. It wasn't so many years ago that I wanted to be Prime Minister. Things change and so do people but my main goal in life are to be happy doing whatever it is I end up doing.

What funny, crazy jobs did you want to do when you were younger? Or did you become what your younger self wanted you to?

Kate xx


  1. This was such a cute post! I remember when I was younger always changing what I wanted to do. I remember my biggest and longest choice was that I wanted to be a lawyer.. But it was because I wanted to "make all the bad guys go away."

    1. Have you made up your mind now? aww that's such a child thing to think isn't it? Although my list is pretty extensive I can't recall lawyer ever being on there.
      Kate xx