Friday, 11 July 2014

52 Lists: Twenty Two

52 Lists: List your summer to do list

  1. Extract the barbecue from the garage so that long summer evenings can be spent in the garden with yummy barbecue food. Potato salad must feature though. It's my favourite BBQ accompaniment.
  2. Have lots of picnics
  3. Take part in a water fight. I know this one will definitely happen at work at some point so I'd better get myself a good water pistol otherwise the children will soak me!
  4. Listen to some live music
  5. Plenty of summer evenings spent in a pub garden with a refreshing fruity cider with my teammates after toiling in the cricket field all afternoon.
  6. Eat lots of soft juicy fruits. I'm currently loving sharp, sweet raspberries and peaches that smell amazing even before the first bite.
  7. Go to the beach. I love that I live so close to the beach (about 45 mins drive) and so I should go ore often. 
  8. Work hard to learn Makaton so I'm ready for the new school year.
  9. Make something! I would like to be as creative as possible
  10. Start to up my fitness routine as I will have more time. I don't know if going to the gym is right for me so if you have experiences good or bad please share.
Kate xx

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  1. Yes, go to the beach! I still have to do this!