Sunday, 21 September 2014

It's the Little things: Six

I haven't written one of these posts for ages. It's a shame because on a daily basis I do like to to notice all of the Little Things that can make us happy. This week has been just getting back into the swing of school time. It's been a week where it's so noticeable that seasons are changing. I woke up yesterday to a dim room for the first time. We've had the first grey day of the autumn and the leaves are starting to fall. Here goes Autumn:

  • The above photos are from my visit to London back at the end of August. We wandered around Notting Hill and stumbled upon the carnival. The colours were exciting and, despite not getting any good photos, the costumes where amazing. My highlight was a carnival costume that had been fitted around a wheelchair. It felt inclusive, fun and I think the faces of those in the above photos really show this.
  • Having just recovered from a virus, being able to eat and taste has been a bit of a revelation. Therefore I'm enjoying all the yummy combinations I can think of. My breakfast this morning was smooth creamy vanilla yogurt with fresh sliced apples. I can't think of a better way to brisge the change between summer and autumn.
  • All of the wonderful signs that the seasons are changing once more. This week I have really noticed a nip in the air. Especially through the misty mornings when (shock horror) I've had to wear a jumper! All the leaves are starting to turn beautiful browns, red and yellows and tumble to the ground. The mission to crunch through leaves is on!
  • The sweet joy of children's faces when faced with a bouncy castle. Make that adults too! The best thing about the end of the season is lots of fun days to attend and this weeks included and bouncy castle. And yes I did have to have a little go. Although packing it up turned into just as much fun as getting the air out involves lots of jumping and rolling on to it.
  • Parties! I've never been a party animal. However with S Club, Abba and Taylor Swift as a soundtrack we boogied, with pizza and crisps we munched and with tea lights dotting the garden we sat and chatted long into the night. Perfect!
  • Watching the Bake off with a chinese and good friends, snuggled up on the sofa.
I tell you what, this week has been fantastic. A chance to say some goodbyes to those who are toddling of back to Uni, to welcome in a new season and to have plenty of fun. 

What has your week been like? Are you looking forward to autumn?
Kate xx

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  1. I don't think I have ever watched or been to a carnival...