Friday, 23 January 2015

A Visit in the Depths of Winter

Today I paid a visit to my cricket club. A strange thing to do in the depths of winter, but as I drove past I felt an urge to turn in. A beautiful sight greeted me. The sun, still low in the sky, was bright and lit the ground up as if it was a a summer's day. If it wasn't for the frost that covered the grass, I could have been fooled by the clear, blue sky. I almost popped home for my cricket kit ready to start playing. The great chill stopped me in my tracks and I could see curls of steam rising from my warm car. The sun, though bright, was low on the horizon creating long shadows from those tall poplars that line the ground. It reminds me of the late summer evenings when I stood shaded by those same trees playing the game I love so much. Long ago that hive of activity: the sounds of bat on ball and excited fielders, chasing and encouraging. No banter flies around the field today. The world feels still and calm. Save for a couple of birds, the sky is unbroken by cloud and the silence is broken only be their song. As I sit at the edge of the deserted field, I remember that before long the frost will melt away and the sun will rise high the sky ready for another cricketing season.
Kate xx


  1. So blue and so so green! I like hanging about in places where there's no one around, it's a peace and quiet that you can't get anywhere else.

    I'm ready for the spring time though!

    1. I love that quiet that gives you time to think. Yes all this cold is getting to me, although I saw snowdrops the other day so it's definitely on the way!
      Kate xx