Sunday, 18 January 2015

Why You Don't Need the Gym

The first time I had really thought about working out was 4 years ago. I wanted to get stronger and improve my stamina so that my cricketing game was heightened. However at that time the gym seemed such an alien concept to me. It was somewhere that super sporty people went. I had no idea what I'd do once I got there and was a bit dubious. It was easier to not work out than plunge into the unknown.

Fast forward a couple of  years and I had lots of good intentions. I actually rung up the gym and got all the details. I then looked at the price. I know 35 pounds a month isn't extortionate but when you not earning high wages this just seemed a bit steep. I could think of so many other things to spend the money on. Also I was worried that I would commit. I'd go a couple of times and it wouldn't work out. I would have wasted my money.

So I decided it was time to find a way of improving strength that suited me. I turned to Pinterest as a source of inspiration ( you can find me here if you would like a snoop). Combined with my own knowledge in sport and exercise I created myself my own little sequence of exercises.

I've created it to be simple to do and not take up much space. I don't need anything to do it apart from the bit of paper it's written on (because I'm mega forgetful). On Youtube I've found a 30 second interval counter which has made me much more motivated. If I know I can't stop doing the exercise until the 30 second beep I'm much more likely to carry on. I put a bit of motivating music on as well and I'm away.

The places I do it round the house aren't conventional. The landing was a bit of a dangerous one as I was constantly scared of falling down the stairs. I now do most of it in the spare room. There's limited space so I'm always crashing into things. I woke the whole house up the other week as I was loudly jumping around doing burpees. But most importantly I'm enjoying it. I feel comfortable to do it at home. I go at my own pace and don't feel pressured or like people are looking at how well I'm doing it (most of the time not fantastically).

I manage to do this for at least 15 mins 3 times a week and I can feel the difference. The first I attempted the plank I could hardly hold it for 30 seconds and now I'm up to a minute. My best time to do it is straight away when I get up in the mornings. after 15 minutes of exercise I can reward myself with a yummy breakfast. It works. Once you get in routine it's pretty easy to keep it.

So all in all, for now I've decided I don't need the gym. I can achieve the increased strength I'm looking for on my own at home. Don't feel that the gym is the only way you can get fit. There's so many other ways that you will find one that you enjoy.

I'm going to be updating a little of my fitness journey with you as I go along. I'm hoping to try some new exercise activities and find more that I love doing.

Kate xx


  1. Gyms are SO expensive .. I'm very lucky that my local is a Pure Gym which is only £15.99 a month, with the added luxury of being able to cancel whenever I want as it's a rolling contract. So I do get there 3 times a week for a run which is fantastic!

    I definitely agree that you don't HAVE to have a gym membership to sustain a healthy lifestyle, I walk to and from work every day which is an added 40 minutes of exercise a day and it does wonders in keeping me fit and healthy. People underestimate the power of walking!

    Chloe x

    1. Wow! You've got a great deal there. I think the price is one of my main worries. Plus I'm a bit scared of being out of my depth.
      Walking is such good exercise. Walking to work is not really an option for me. 30 mins in the car doesn't translate to walking very well, but I love to get out for walks with the dog as much as possible.