Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sunset Moments

It has been almost a month since I frequented my little blog. Much has gone on and summer seems to go by in a flash. Summer for me equals busy busy busy days followed by cramming as much into the evenings as possible.

Therefore when I saw a barn owl swooping across my path as I journeyed home I took it as any opportunity to stop and take a moment to chill out. Barn owls are one of my favourite birds. Their ghostly white form can be found soaring over the meadows at this time of year. I was coming home at 9pm as the sun was setting and sat mesmerised by such a beautiful creature

Although the barn owl left after only a few minutes I stayed a while longer. Drinking in the wonderful colours of the sky as the sun dipped lower. A warm evening allowed me to sit amongst the tall grasses and wild dog roses to ponder life.

The roses reminded me it is summer, which the earlier downpour and chilly start to the evening had me doubting. However the hedgerows are full of wonderful wild flowers. I honestly could have stayed their all evening.

I like to take a moment out of a busy schedule to appreciate the beauty all around us. What has had you smiling this week?