Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #1

For literally years my favourite post of the week has been Sally of SallyTangle's Wonderful Wednesday. Faithfully I have found time in every Wednesday to sit down and read through the wonderful moments that have made Sally's week. Then last week Michelle from Life Outside London joined the bandwagon and both ladies asked if I'd like to join in. Now we're on a campaign to make Wednesday's great (we have capes and everything)!

Onto business, these posts (hopefully the ladies will let me keep my cape for more than one week) are going to round up the things that have been making me smile through the week

1. Cold starry evenings. That first intake of cold breath that hit the back of your throat. I love getting home and being able to look up to a sky full of stars. One thing about living in the countryside is there's no light pollution and you can see so many little stars. The universe is so blooming vast and sometimes this puts what I do into perspective.

2. The best session of cricket coaching I've had in a good long time. I've started back with a group of girls I coached last year pus a whole heap of new ones. Yesterday we had to coach outside. It was freezing (probably literally), but all the girls worked so hard. The enthusiasm makes me so happy and with the sunset casting its pink glow just topped it off.

3. Finding the warmest softest scarf in the sales. It's humongous, so I can wrap myself right up in it and even keep my ears toasty. A bargain at £4 it's perfect for this sharp coldness we're having recently.

4. Catch ups with my best friend. We don't see each other much. She is away at uni and often when she comes home clashes with my coaches. The pain of working unsociable hours. So time together is precious and what could be better than hot chocolate and chocolate brownies. I miss her, but the closeness and shared history make conversation so smooth when we meet.

5. Post. Having left my job before Christmas, I just received a 'We Miss You' card from all the teachers and pupils at one of the schools. It was such a sweet gesture. I've also received some lovely letters from fellow bloggers and friends. One even had a wax seal holding it together. I'm looking forward to taking the time to write replies to all.

6. Not drinking alcohol. I've never really been into drinking alcohol. The taste is not appealing and I've never been keen. It can make my mood much lower. I find myself spacing out of conversations and that twinned with throwing up too many times makes me (is alcohol allergy a thing because it happens every time?) feel I'd have a better time without it. I went out for a meal with friends last week and drunk juice all evening. I felt so much clearer and had a lot more fun. I think this is going to be something I continue.

7. Taking time to relax. I can feel the mists clearing as I get enough sleep. There's fewer thoughts crashing against each other for airtime in my head. Relaxing and taking stock is important. I've been working at a million miles an hour for a long time and I think it's time for a rest.

Now I'd love to hear all about what's been making your week extra special. Please share here or on twitter with the hashtag #WonderfulWednesday. And make sure you scurry on over to see how Sally and Michelle's week's have been made wonderful.

Kate xx


  1. So glad you clambered aboard, your cape awaits! I do love love the cold wintry days for making the best starry nights and the freshest of early morning wake ups! And tell me more about the scarf please!
    M x

    1. I'm so happy I have. All aboard the #wonderfulwednesday train!

  2. HUZZAH for team #wonderfulwednesday !!!!! Seeing this pop into my feed my heart sing SO BLOODY MUCH! Thank you so much Kate! Such lovely things too - my parents live in the middle of nowhere up in scotland and i miss seeing so many more stars than you do in a city. Makes you feel like a teeny tiny dot doesnt it?!?

    Also you can't beat long catch ups with friends that you havent seen in a while. I'm meeting my sister for just that later and i cant wait. We're both forever so busy that time just seems to disappear on us and we go far too long between catch ups.

    Also hurrah for sale bargains! I'm being far too easily tempted this i need another Cambridge Satchel?!? Their sale is marvellous and currently has an extra 20% off! Cripes!!!

    Sending love to you lady and great thanks for joining in. Same time next week?!?!?

    Sal xxx

    1. I'm so excited to be part of #wonderfulwednesday. I loved writing this list. Made me smile the whole way through. Same place, same time :)

      How did the catch up with your sister go? Life seems to be so busy that a good old chat just gets left behind. I hope their was also cake involved.

      OOOhh I just went for a gander on the Cambridge Satchel website and they're so beautiful. I'm not sure I can justify a pruchase yet. Which one/s have you got your eye on?

      Definitely next week!!

      Kate xx

  3. Sounds like you're really taking care of yourself and that's great! I'll definitely join the tweeting next Weds.

    I'm quite proud of getting blog organised this week and sticking to my new posting schedule. Oh, and starting up the Queer Bloggers Network with Jess and Zoe!

    | | bloglovin' |

    1. Jenna, you really should join us!
      I'm completely proud of you for starting Queer Bloggers. It's such a fab idea and brilliant to have a support network for us all.

  4. Aww, those all sound like awesome things! (still loving the scarf). I actually felt loads better when I go out and don't drink, so might try the same next month! xxx

    1. Thank you for the scarf love! I have extended my non drinking and I'm going to optimistically see if I can last the year. xx

  5. Love bloggers who take time out and take care of themselves. <3
    And no alcohol is really great for you <3

    With love, Alisha Valerie xo.