Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #3

Hello, my lovelies and welcome to the mid week boost that is #wonderfulwednesday. This week has been a little bit exciting and there have been some major events which I'll let you know about soon enough. Leaving a on a cliffhanger there, but I promise all will become clear. However now we're looking for those little moments that have made me happy this week. Let's not delay:

1. Fresh, new bedding. I'm not sure there's a better feeling than cuddling up after a hot shower in clean PJs and fresh bedding. It feels all crisp and snuggly and I end up with the best night's sleep.

2. The music of Frankie Valli. Jersey Boys is one of the best musicals I've seen and it introduced me to the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. If you've never watched the film I'd highly recommend it. If you haven't seen the musical, what have you been doing with your life? This week I've been falling back in love with it and I've been singing my way through the days.

3. Beautiful sunsets. I will never stop raving about how beautiful the sky can be. I am so lucky to live in a part of the world that is famed for its big skies so we make the most of them. I love your the sky is constantly changing, how minutes later you'll be looking at a completely different view.

4. Snowdrops. The first indications that spring is on the way. As I make my jolly way around the countryside I keep passing splashes of colour. Carpets of snowdrops and aconites and daffodils are blooming. Spring is my favourite season. It feels new and full of possibility so these flowers are really picking up my mood.

5. Eating what I feel like. All week I'd been craving a McDonald's. Now usually I eat healthily and try to regulate wheat I eat. However after playing a really hard game of cricket and aching all the way home when I saw the yellow arches I knew I had to stop. I guzzled those fries like they were going out of fashion and fully enjoyed it. I believe in listening to your body and eating a balance of everything.

6. Being a proud big sister. My brother passed his driving test first time this week and I'm a huge amount proud of him. I went out for my first drive with him yesterday and felt so safe. Completely trust him.

Wonderful Wednesday is the brainchild of the beautiful Sally at SallyTangle and you should rush over to see her happy moments as well as the other lovely ladies: MichelleNadine and Helen. Please do get involved by commenting or tweeting your #wonderfulwednesday.

Kate xx

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