Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #10

How are we all diddly doing? Now first an apology for lateness. I'm sorry, the laptop decided to update and take all day. In other news I now have cortana. Is that fun? What do I do? This week has been a little bit of catching up with friends and feeling good. The weather doesn't quite know what to do with itself so we've swung from hold-on-to-your-hat Storm Katie to fabulous I-don't-need-a-coat sunshine. We've had some stonking sunsets, which is something I absolutely love.

So let's move on and find out what's been making my week wonderful:

1. Hot cross bun slathered with butter. Easter might be over, but I'm still loving a hot cross bun with butter of a morning.

2. The first outdoor meal of the year. What can be better than tucking in to bacon sandwiches in the sunshine? The answer is definitely nothing. Last Friday my friend had a whistle stop visit back to sunny (at that time) Suffolk from her university in York. It has been 6 months since I saw her last so it was great to sit in her garden with her dog catching up on everything and sharing memories.

3. My decision not to drink. I feel so much happier in myself now I've decided not to drink. I'm a massive control freak and the thought of not knowing what I am doing or letting down my guard scares me so much. Last weekend I went out with a group of friends to the pub. We were still there at 2am laughing and having so much fun and I didn't drink a thing. I remember everything. Plus, the amount of juice I drunk means I also got my 5 a day. Bonus.

4. Spring cleaning. I am by nature a very messy person. I am untidy and probably a nightmare to live with, but this week I've been majorly tidying. I've managed to get rid of 3 bin bags of stuff that either I didn't need or was plain rubbish. You know all those pieces of paper you keep just in case you need to know what train you went on 2 years ago. Or a birthday card from when you were 12 from a family friend that you've never met. Well it's all cleared and I'm liking having everything tidier.

5. Lounge wear. This week I have purchased a pair of cookie monster lounge pants. They are garish, huge but oh so comfortable. I love wearing loose fitting PJ's and often buy from men's sections because you get the added bonus of pockets. They are amazing and nothing you are going to say can change that!

6. Booking my summer holiday. I'm literally so excited for this one. Me and two friends went to Dublin last year and had such a great time. This year we're staying slightly closer to home and road tripping to Bath and staying for a long weekend. I have spent one day in Bath and it was beautiful so I'm really looking forward to going back. Plus we've booked in right at the end of the cricket season just when I know I'm going to need a break.

And now it's over to you. Wednesdays are made even more wonderful by reading posts by SallyMichelleJo and Helen. I enjoy hearing about what has made them happy this week. Therefore you can either join in by commenting, letting me know on twitter ( I'm @appreciate_day on there) or even writing your own post and becoming a fully signed up member of the Wonderful Wednesday crew.

Kate xx


  1. New jimjams?? I think you win at this week! The weather has been bonkers but how lovely is it to eat outside again? It's my favourite thing to pop home for lunch and do just that in the garden with the hounds. Roll on summer.
    Hope you have an equally wonderful rest of the week my sweet
    M x

    1. Hey, there's no winning. There's enough wonderfulness to share around. Although new pjs are simply the best (if you didn't sing that, I'm not sure we can be friends!). I'm definitely in summer prep mode now the sun has decided to peek out just a little.

  2. Can I tell you a secret? I haven't actually had a hot cross bun yet this year! Granted, I'm coeliac so the gluten free ones are slightly thinner on the ground but I'm still going to have to remedy that before they disappear from the shops completely...

    Congrats on the spring clean! I need to adopt that attitude, I hang on to far too much! It sounds like you have a wonderful wee holiday to look forward to, I love Bath so much but haven't been for years. Perhaps reading about your trip will finally push me to go back for a visit :)

    It's lovely to be a part of the wonderful Wednesday group! Good cheer all round!

    C x

    1. Quick, quick you simply have to get your jaws around a hot cross bun!!
      Oh I'm a massive hoarder so me being ruthless is quite a revelation. Still a long way to go, but definitely tidier.
      Cat, I need recommendations then. What's good to eat, see, go in Bath? Please let me know.

  3. COOKIE MONSTER jim jams? Oh yes!!! Deffo you win the Wonderful Wednesday prize for wonderfulness this week! H X

    1. What's the prize? I know, aren't they great? xx

  4. Well if you're apologising for the late writing then i think i better apologise for the extreme late reading *coverseyeswithbothhands* whilst i managed to get my own post up and done on time last week was so busy it was all just a blur. So here i am on Sunday catching up with the middle of last week....

    COOKIE MONSTER jim jams?! They sound SO fun! Also i don't drink. It just makes me feel horrible the next day and to be honest, i've never been that fond of the taste. I made the conscious decision about three years ago and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'll have a little homemade mulled wine {which is usually more fruit than alcohol anyway!} and that's my limit. Good for you!

    Also your holibobs sound fab - Bath looks so pretty i've always wanted to visit. Maybe one day xxx