Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #6

I get a massive slap on the wrist this week. I only managed 5 Wonderful Wednesday's before I broke and we missed a week. And I did miss it. I missed recalling all the little (and big) moments that had made my week special. However that does mean that you get a bumper bonus edition of Wonderful Wednesday. A 2 week mash up with all that has been making me smile. Without further ado let's jump in:

1. Meeting new people. One mega bonus of going to these interviews is I have met so many interesting people. There have been chances to chat with artists and scientists. I have met judo champions and those that have their own businesses. I have discussed travels to Thailand and work in nurseries. And we all have the shared ambition to become primary school teachers. I has been incredible fun to hear all of these passions. I love meeting new people and having the chance to find out about them. I look forward to uni for this reason.

2. Comfortably stuffed. You know that feeling when you feel like you need a little nap because you're so full, but the food was so good that you'll sit chatting until you've got room for dessert.

3. Sweet Potato fries. How have I not got on this bandwagon before? The sweet and salty mix of these are just perfect. With the crispy chipness it's a match made in heaven

4. Crocuses. Well I'm talking the arrival of Spring here. Yesterday was officially the meteorological first day of Spring and we're certainly seeing the blooms to show it. Daffodils, primroses, irises and crocuses are blooming in my Grandma's front garden and it just makes me smile every time.

5. Not having an alarm. Being able to, in that drowsy state, decide that actually my eyes could shut again. Having 5 more minutes that turns into a couple more hours and there being no consequence of that. That delicious warm, snuggled state that you can hold on to for a little bit longer.

6. Having productive days. You know the ones where you make a list before breakfast and before lunch it's done so you make another one. The satisfaction of ticking off items and powering through things that you've been putting off.

7. Chocolate and Banana muffins. I actually baked. It's been so long since I last baked that I was a kitchen nightmare. I made a bit of a mess but nothing was burnt or broken and the end result was tasty. I snaffled one just out of the oven, warm and with a glass of milk and

8. Some more exploring. Last week I was in Plymouth and had the chance for some more exploring. It was wet and miserable, but I loved it. There were so many different areas to the city. The marina, the quintessential seaside town, the busy shopping areas and the more historic areas (a lot that were bombed during WWII).

9. So last time I told you the news that I'm going to uni in September to study primary teaching. Well this week I found out that I have been offered places at all 5 of my choices. I enjoyed the interviews so much and it's made me even more excited! I have to say it's also a massive confidence boost. You know - well someone wants me! Anyway I now have some decisions to be made, but for now I'm just happy dancing and eating lots of cake.

So tell me my dears, what has been putting a smile on your faces? My wonderful partners in Wednesday crime are sharing theirs too. Go and take a gander at SallyMichelleNadine and Helen's blogs. Please get involved too my commenting or tweeting with #WonderfulWednesday.

Kate xx


  1. Things sound so lovely and springy where you are! Love that foggy photo too!

  2. 5 offers??? You clever little sausage you! Well done, I'll happily eat some cake on your behalf.
    And how have you gone so very long without the joy of a sweet potato fry?? So good! But SO hard to make to optimum crispiness at home. The struggle is real. And you were in Plymouth? Just down the road from me! So nice when the sun shines.

    This week I've been enjoying sunshine (not today, today has been hailstorming and thundering!) and spaniels. Things I enjoy most weeks.
    M x

  3. Bloody hell Kate five offers?!?!? I'm SO pleased for you! You'll have to tell me which ones - how the heck will you decided? Did you have a favourite? That's ace news i'm so jolly well chuffed for you!

    This is a lovely list - yes to all of the flowers! I need to investigate when's right to start planting in our little clay pots outside - I've got grand plans for sweetpeas, ranunculus and peonies - imagine my very own peonies?!?

    That photo is just the bees knees too. Bet you've had so much fun scampering here, there and everywhere. Meeting new faces is the best.

    Sending love and big thanks for joining in xxxx

  4. Productive days are my MOST favorites, they make my life so much better! And 5 interviews? omg so proud of you!

    Not Your Type Blog

  5. MASSIVE congratulations on all those offers! Having participated in PGCE, SCITT and Schools Direct interviews as a panel member I know just how competitive they are, so it's an enormous credit to you that you were offered so many places.

    1. Thank you so much Janet. I'm just a little bit proud of myself :) Really looking forward to September now.