Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #7

Hello to all you lovely people, and how is your week shaping up to be? Mine has been a bit of a flash. This horrible, grey weather has threatened to dampen my spirits, but I've been getting out and about everyday. This week has seen me turn to ripe old age of 21, which is apparently adult territory!

1. Super proud of my players. This week I have umpired an indoor tournament where 2 of my teams went head to head. Neither had played a single game of cricket previously and I was so proud of the progress they made. They put so much effort in and improved considerably, but most of all they had fun! I also coached my county U15 squad for the first time for months. I had planned an absolutely full on session. Lots of fitness, fast paced activities. They worked so incredibly hard and put maximum effort in. We work with a quote a week and this week's is - Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn't hustle. Those girls sure showed what it was to hustle!

2. Cake. This week has been the week of cake. I have sampled: brownies, raspberry and chocolate muffins, chocolate sponge cake, chocolate and orange marble cake, chocolate orange cookies and chocolate torte. Plus it's all allowed because it was my birthday. There also seems to be a chocolate theme... no idea why that could be!

3. Hot water bottles. When you have the worst stomach cramps ever, the only thing that can save you is a hot water bottle permenantly strapped to you. On Saturday I actually drove to work strapping the hot water bottle to me using the seat belt. I have the softest cover and it just feels like a warm hug. Shame the cramps don't go as quickly!

4. Birthdays. I will tell you more in a separate post, but my birthday was just wonderful and I'll truly grateful to have fab friends and family.

5. Wearing my motivation. I've got into wearing motivational Tshirts and I just can't stop! Starting your day and slipping on a soft pale grey tshirt with the words 'Be Brave, Be Authentic, Be You' never fails to make me feel empowered. Plus in the minute you're having a little wobble you only have to look down to give yourself a pep talk. It's a constant reminder that you've got this!

6. Mother's Day. I worked most of Mother's Day so I sneaked in a quick breakfast celebration. Cooking chocolatey (this chocolate theme has got out of hand!) pancakes together was a lovely way to start the day. We filled them with nutella and peaches and it gave me a chance to sit down and chat with mum before I had a long, long day of work.

So tell me, my dears, what has been putting a smile on your faces? My wonderful partners in Wednesday crime are sharing theirs too. Go and take a gander at SallyMichelle, and Helen's blogs. Please get involved too by commenting or tweeting with #WonderfulWednesday.

Kate xx


  1. Love the shirt! And awesome about your super committed girls, that must be so very satisfying.

    Happy birthday to you too, it sounds like you had a brilliant one, yes please to more details thanking you :o)

    I too had a week filled with cakey goodness, sometimes it's just what's needed. Have a fantastic rest of the week Kate

    M x

    1. Birthday celebration blog up today hopefully! Cake is definitely the way too go, although it means I should also get back u to speed with some exercise.

  2. Happy birthday to you!!

    OK, your week beat my week on the cake front. I made a cake last week but the bf put the wrong flower in so it was a bit of a fail. It didn't absorb the nice lemon syrup that you put on top, so it was a dense soggy mess... It tasted good, it just wasn't very cake-like.

    Here's to a joyous rest of the week!

    ~ K

    1. Oh but lemony syrup cake sounds so good! My bakes often look like I just chucked a load of ingredients on a plat, but if they taste good who can complain?
      Lovely to see your face around these parts again. I'm off to catch up with your blog!