Friday, 15 April 2016

Picnic in the Spring Sunshine

On Wednesday, we had the most beautiful, sunshiney day and I had a day off. This never happens!It always rains when you have time off, so I made the most of it.

I visited a local fishing lakes. I have never been fishing and honestly can't see the attraction of sitting watching some water for the possibility of catching a fish to put it back again. However, stunning scenery and a walk is something I can definitely get on board with. I took a walk around the lakes and honestly it felt like summer. The weather was so warm.

I grabbed myself a picnic on the way and settled down to watch the scenery. A cold raspberry and apple juice and crusty onion baguette made my lunch. Alfresco eating is one of my favourite things and spring is a great time. Warm enough to feel comfortable outside, but without a hundred bugs and wasps trying to hare your feast with you.

I'll leave you with this photo. Proof if you need it that spring is well and truly here! It epitomises new growth and everything coming to life.

Where have you been adventuring recently? Tell me your favourite picnic spot and what you'd eat there.

Kate xx


  1. That last photo is just beautiful Kate - in fact ALL of these photos are! I'm so ready for warmer days this year...even more so than normal. Today we were treated to mostly blue skies - well save for the odd hail storm - yikes! The temperature was -1 when i left for work this morning tho!!! And i had to wear gloves on this evenings bike ride! Hoping we head in the right direction soon!

    Sally xxx

    1. The weather just can't make up it's mind at the minute. On Monday I was layered up and freezing cold, yesterday I got sunburnt!
      Thank you so much! I can't wait for Summery days, but I think I say that every year.

  2. Beautiful photos, especially of the lake and it's always a joy to see those green shoots ready to spring open. This time of year is so rejuvenating. - Tasha