Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #18

As I write this I have just managed to get 12 15 year old girls to be in the correct bedroom, in PJs and somewhere on the way to sleep. We have been on cricket tour for only 3 days, but I'm ready for my on bed and some sleep. I'm exhausted in a happy kind of way. The way that means you've been doing so much wonderful stuff that you sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. The weather has been pretty rubbish (absolute downpours and freezing) for the last couple of days which is not ideal for cricket!

This week as an ode to the tour and the various matches I am coaching this week all my wonderfulness is about coaching.

1. The enthusiasm and down right happiness of my squad. I have brought 12 absolutely fabulous players with me on this tour and I could not have asked for more from them. I have had compliments from umpires and opposition about their enthusiasm and how they hve played the game in the right spirit. Even when the rain came down I haven't heard one of them complaining, but have got stuck with all of our activities. They make all the long days, organising and hard work worth it.

2. That precious moment when someone gets something for the first time and it clicks and they get it. The achievement and progress you can see are fabulous.

3. The trust and honesty you can build up with players. I have worked with some of my players for nearly 5 years. They feel like family and now I chat with them about many things. Cricket, and sport in general, teaches so many life skills and we start to be able to help with that. I also have players that will speak to me very honestly about their game and what they want to do.

4. On Sunday I had a girl playing her first match. She hit 2 runs and was the most excited I have ever seen someone. On Sunday she caught the bug of cricket and we have started a lifelong love for the game. To think I was part of that is something special.

5. Watching players have fun. We smile and laugh so much when I'm coaching. I try to make all of our sessions as fun as possible. Even our strength and conditioning programme is done through a game. Even when the weather is grotty we still have a smile on our face. When I'm feeling down a session with an of my squads is sure to pick me up.

6. I'm so utterly proud of every single one of my players. I am proud of the progress, of the hard work they put in and the improvements made. I'm proud of the skills they show, the performances the put in and every match they play. I'm proud of the courage they show, the sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

7. The fact that I can make a difference.

I absolutely love to coach. This week I am using my work holiday to spend it on tour with my county squad and I'm so happy about that. What has been making your week special? Share it in the comments and go and find out what the fellow Wonderful Wednesday crew have been up to: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie. Or share on twitter (@appreciate_day) with #wonderfulwednesday.

Kate xx


  1. I wish I had a coach/PE teacher as motivated and supportive as you when I was at school - mine found my attempts either hilarious or aggravatingly bad, I'm not sure which was more demotivating! You'll only inspire all of your girls :) Hope you have a thoroughly wonderful week. C xx

  2. This is just amazing Kate, I'm sure your bright and shininess rubs off on all of your girls. There's really nothing better than laughing along with a bunch of people with whom you have so much in common - enjoy every second of the rest of your week.
    M x

  3. I love how fist-bumping {is that a word - oh well it is now!} and down-right positive this perfectly little curated list of good is Kate!!! It's so so inspiring to read a list that you can tell someone feels so passionate about! I'll bet you're the very best Cricket coach in all of the land!

    Sending love xxx