Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #21

Hello lovely ones. How are we doing on this mid week? I hope I find you all well and bursting with inspiration. I have to say I've been lacking a little purpose the last few weeks and it's really hit me off balance but a few things have pepped me up this week. Most of all I've been doing a few bits and bobs ready for uni. The closer it gets the more excited I am. The weather, because we love a weather chat, has been changeable as has my mood. The world is changing and we need to remember to love one another. Be kind, tell those you care about how much you love them and support others.

Now on with those moments that have been wonderful this week:

1. Bookshops. I spent Monday with one of my best friends. We been friends for nearly a decade now (wow, can it really be that long?), but she's just got back from university. To celebrate her amazing results and catch up we decided to go for a little shopping trip. Whilst we popped in plenty of clothes shops we spent way more time in bookshops. We flitted around the shops picking up books to recommend to each other, finding new ones that look great and getting excited. We both came out with a huge list of books we wanted to read and so much more inspiration. A day spent with my best friend was a perfect way to pep myself up and leave me feeling inspired.

2. Creating. This may go on from the last point as I think the inspiration definitely got to me. Although Tara @catstello on twitter also influenced me with her journal photos. Whichever way last night  managed to get my paints out again and start making a mess. I'd forgotten how good it is to let your mind wander with choices of colour and shape. Results soon I promise.

3. Strawberries. Does anything scream summer as much as strawberries? So colourful, juicy and yummy. I've been eating mine by the punnet. With yogurt, on there own or with spoonfuls of nutella because why not.

4. Adele. On Saturday night one of my favourite singers of all time put in one of my favourite performances of all time. Every single song took me back to a memory, either of where I was first time I heard that song or a moment that resonated. I had a little weep. She's a goddess.

5. The biggest desserts you ever saw. Huge. Whenever I choose desserts with someone we share to get the most of both. So therefore massive slices of lemon meringue pie and cherry roulade made it's way to our table. With ice cream and cream we dug into both puddings. Then had to fit for 15 mins to before we could even move.

6. Glitter. This week I have glittery nails and everytime I look down they make me smile. Sometimes it's the smallest things that give you a boost. Also my friend has started planning pride and it definitely involves a lot of glitter!!

I'm so happy that I have a gang of Wonderful Wednesdayers who are just fabulous. These girls are the best and reading their posts make me smile all over again. It's funny how the joy of strangers can have such an affect on you. I'd hope that in the months I've been writing these posts that the strangers have become friends albeit friends from afar. Please go and read their blogs: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie.

Join in: Comment with loveliness, use the hashtag on twitter #Wonderfulwednesday or even write your own post!

Kate xx


  1. Strawberries and glitter indeed!
    Also, excited to see what you've been creating. Glad you're feeling better this week.

    | | bloglovin' |

    1. Thanks Jenna. Glitter makes everything better right? xx

  2. Bookshops never fail to make me smile either, and I've got a real penchant for strawberries this week too, they're just so yummy, especially cold from the fridge. I hope getting ready for uni is all going well for you too, I had a brilliant time when I went so I'm sending you positive vibes! - Tasha