Thursday, 7 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #22

So, first off some of the keen eyed among you will notice that this should really be named Wonderful Thursday. Well sorry, it doesn't have quite the same ring to it. I'd been putting off the writing of this post because of business then I had a lovely evening last night (see below point 4) and it just didn't happen. But the gang agrees that the more wonderful we have the better so I'm allowed special dispensation for the week.

This week the realisation that I'm leaving in just over 2 months has really hit. I've now sorted accommodation and I've got emails flying in all over the place about university. It feels more real than ever. This week has hit me with all the things I'll be missing. Despite feeling like I'm waiting for the next big leap it's tinged with sadness. I'm going to miss the people here the most, but am so looking forward to it as well.

1. Sunsets. The colours of the sky is something that will never fail to fascinate me. Evening drives take twice as long because I stop every two seconds to stare into the sky. The other day I'd stopped on the side of the road to dream and someone stopped to ask if I'd broken down and whether I was ok. That moment of kindness was so sweet and unexpected.

2. Chips. After training this week all I wanted was chips. It had been a mega long day then I had run and worked hard in training so I could not be bothered to cook. I took a teensy (few miles) detour to obtain said chips but it was definitely worth it. Piled high on a plate with bread and butter, lashing of salt and vinegar and the pool of ketchup I ate them so quickly and ravenously.

3. Mid week meals. On Tuesday night I caught up with 2 of my best friends over burgers. After finshing work late in the evening it felt good to be able to squeeze in a couple of hours with 2 lovely ladies. Despite being hangry when I turned up, the large burgers and chips soon sorted me out and we spent the evening planning holidays and talking about weddings (not mine, not yet).

4. This has been a week of catch ups as last night a friend from school and I fnally made the time. Bearing in mind he lives only 10 minutes away from me I decided to cycle a la Miss Sally Crangle. I'm completely regreting that decision this morning as I'm fairly certain I have bruised my bum. However I can see why Sally is always on that bike of hers. I quite enjoyed pushing myself to go that little faster and whizzing through the still warm evening. Once I reached his house we talked for hours. He came out recently when he went to university and it was good to talk to someone who has experienced growing up in a similar situation to me. It makes me confident that going to University will be right for me.

So that's enough wonderful for now folks. For more check out the gang: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie, write your own post, share in the comments your wonderful or on twitter with #WonderfulWednesday.

Kate xx

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