Thursday, 14 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #23

This wonderful Wednesday malarkey is becoming as tardy as me. I'm one of those people that just don't realise how little time I have to do things and suddenly deadlines creep up on me. This week, as usually I have been super busy and the writing of this little corner has been missing. I think that's kind of ok. But I did promise to continue this series and I wanted to see if I could even when I get busy. Having blogged for several years, I've never made it through a summer blogging consistently. However I think we could do with some positivity whatever day of the week it is.

This week has been a super quick one. Everything seems to be going long in a flash. It's all I can do to make sure I'm eating at the correct times and getting enough sleep.

1. Watching England play cricket. Firstly just take a look at the scene above. A warm evening under the most beautiful sunset. Fireworks, dress up and my lovely team mates, You may have even spotted me on TV, I was the one sitting next to the massive lion! It was such a lovely evening

2. Those beads of water that stick to your hair when you are the shower but haven't quite immersed yourself under the water. Because they look like gems and are so pretty

3. Confidence. This week I'm not championing my confidence (although it's not bad, thanks for asking) I'm talking about my ability to instill confidence. As a coach this is such a powerful tool in our armoury and this week I had an absolutely awesome sesson with one of my players. She came out of it a lot more confident and absolutely buzzing to play her first senior game. As a teenage girl that confidence in her abilities is so so important. It makes me so happy to make a difference.

4. Birthdays. Last night I spent the evening with a lovely group of people, many who I had never met, celebrating a great friend's birthday. I wish I'd taken photos as the bar had a lovely eclectic feel. It was large and spacious so our large group didn't feel like we were taking up space. Comfortably, we chatted and laughed. It was fun to talk for hours with new and well loved friends.

5. Onion Baguettes. If you've never had these they are a delight. Pieces of caramelised onions are spread through the dough. Crispy crust leaves soft bread inside and if you're lucky you can get them from the bakery still warm. They have been making my lunches extra special this week.

6. Friends that you can talk for hours to. This week has been full of long conversations. Whether it be in person, on the phone or by messenger we have chatted so much this week. On Monday evening my friend rung me for a chat which lasted over an hour and we only stopped because I eeded to go to work. However our conversations have been tinged with sadness as we discuss the difference in our friendships as I move away. They are strong, it will be different, but we remain friends.

So lovely ones, now it's your turn. Tell me what's jollying your week. Either comment below, let me know on twitter using #WonderfulWednesday or join in. We have bags more positive loveliness with the rest of the gangs posts so do go and have a read: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie

Kate xx


  1. Being able to bring out the confidence in others is an enormously underrated skill. To me, being a good leader and a great coach (in sport and in life!) is precisely that. Super well done to you.

    And onion baguette you say? That sounds pretty ruddy brilliant.

    Enjoy the rest of your week lovely Kate, may it be full of more delicious sunsets and enormous lions.

    M x

  2. I completely echo Michelle's comment, bringing out the confidence in someone is absolutely wonderful. You sound like such a fabulous coach :)

    Hope the rest of your week is fab x