Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #24

By now I think we well and truly have summer! Yesterday was hot, hot, hot. All I feel like doing is immersing myself in water to keep myself cool. This week has been equal parts frustrating and exciting. There's been so much stressy, frustrating stuff at work, but I've spent large periods of time enjoying myself with friends. I now have 4 whole days off work. For a busy bee like me (self employed problems) this is unheard of so I will be enjoying them to the max i.e. doing very little.

1. Beach. Yesterday I picked up my grandma and we headed for the beach. I love spending time with her, but because I've been so busy it's been ages since I saw her. We went the Southwold which may be one of by favourite places ever. We ate chips and ice creams. She told me it had been years since she'd paddled so we took shoes and socks off and jumped into the sea. It was such a welcome coolness in the heat of yesterday. Without a towel we just air dried in the warmth. Such a lovely day!

2. Birthday meals. One of my good friends was 21 last week. I talked about the fact that we went out for drinks in last week's Wonderful Wednesday. The very next day we went for a meal with her family and friends. The food was fabulous and HUGE! I had wisely put on my big trousers. You know the ones with room so that you can eat loads without a waistband cutting into you! The highlight of the evening was her mum's quiz on my friend. With facts needed such as how many hands her horse was, it all got a bit competitive!

3. Cards. This week I had the best card from a group of children that I have finished coaching. They had all drawn a picture of themselves and written about how much they loved cricket. It made me weep a little bit (I was having a stressy day and they really brightened it ok?) ps. yes that is me with a queen mask!

4. Water based cricket. The weather has been so hot that I decided to jazz up my sessions with water. I soaked all the balls in water so when they caught or hit it water sprayed everywhere. We also had relay races wearing pads and collecting cups of water. It went everywhere, we were very wet, but cool and having fun.

5. Cricket teas. Clearly cricket teas are a major part of why I play cricket. Why wouldn't you want to play a bit of sport in exchange for scones and jam and cream? Or perhaps chocolate brownies, lemon drizzle cake or flapjack. Or perhaps you would like raspberry cake, millionaire's shortbread or any of the other goodies on offer. In the last weekend I have sampled all of the above and they were all darn gorgeous.

That's all for this week. Hopefully I will be doing plenty of adventuring, relaxing and creating for the last part of the week. What has your week been like? What are you looking forward to? Tell me in the comments, on twitter using #WonderfulWednesday and go and find out what has brightened the rest of the gang's weeks: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie.

Kate xx


  1. I'm taking my Nanny out for lunch on Sunday - alas, we can't go to the beach but I'm really looking forward to seeing her. I don't see her nearly enough.

    This isn't the first week that I've thought that I'd have enjoyed sport a lot more when I was younger if you were my coach - cricket teas?! Count me in! Also my brother and I used to play water-based cricket (or 'wet cricket' as we called it) in the garden when we were small and loved it but unfortunately that would not have been the done thing at school! You're a real inspiration - no wonder your little coachlings are so fond of you!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, lovely Kate xx

  2. Soaking cricket balls in water is such an epic idea! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your grandma, it's lovely spending time with older relatives isn't it? :)

    I hope you have a great week this week!
    Peta x