Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #30

How are we diddly-doing my lovelies? This week has been really good. I feel all sorts of inspired and ready to get stuck into my course. Everything has settled down a little bit here and we are starting to get used to living with each other. The weather has definitely taken a turn for the chilly and autumn is on it's way, but that just means more snuggling. Despite living in the middle of the city, I am actively taking time to find the green spaces because this little country bumpkin needs to see some greenery once in a while. Even though that greenery is currently tinged with the first happenings of autumn. Which is definitely exciting. Autumn is a high contender for my favourite season due to the colours and beautiful crisp days. But then I think at the end of every season I find a reason to love the next. Maybe I just like the change. Anyway I am now rambling about the weather which is not as fun as finding out about the wonderful things that have made my week:

1. Granola. This is a revelation! When I first got here I was eating ridiculous amounts of bread. For every meal. Whilst I do love bread I decided that breakfast needed a bit of a shake up. Enter raspberry and apple granola. This crunchy mix is full of dried fruit and is perfect with yoghurt for a filling, but quick easy breakfast. Unfortunately I still don't have a bowl so I have been eating it out of Tupperware or glasses all week. I now want to try overnight oats and porridge as the weather gets colder so any fail safe recipes would be greatly appreciated.

2. Walks. As I mentioned above I've been checking out the local green spaces and happened across a park that is just 10 minutes walk from my house. I wrote about my walk there here f you'd like to check it out. My flatmates and I also decided to take our exercising outside this weekend and did our workout in the park. Life advice: don't try to handstand on a downwards slope. You end up falling over and scraping your elbow like a child. It's has now bruised to a beautiful purple hue!

3. Library. This week I have dived headfirst into my studies and I'm really appreciating this library. Not only do I have a mountain of books, but there's also plenty of different places to study where I can really focus. From beanbags and sofas to separate silent study areas, there's a place for everyone and I like the calm place to study.

4. Cake. I met up with a course mate on Sunday for a wander around the Barbican. This s somewhere I need to explore more as there's plenty of cute shops and an ice cream parlour I definitely need to go to. On this occasion we decided cake was needed and went to a little cafe with tiny outdoor courtyard. With the weather still just about warm enough to sit outside we dug into the lightest yummiest cakes: Chocolate for we and she had orange drizzle.

5. Coaching. Having not coached for over a month I set out looking for an opportunity to do what I love again. Whilst training for the uni cricket team I managed to talk to the coach and I will now be coaching for a couple of hours a week. I really can't wait to get started again and get to know some more players and help them become the best they can.

6. Hoodies. In fact not just a hoody, a bag, tshirt and hoody all for a bargainous price. The university have been selling branded clothes in a deal and it's my best purchase since being here (other than sweet potatoes and maybe the granola, oh and the socks that meant I didn't have to do laundry for another week, but you get the picture). The hoody is so warm and fluffy and massive so I feel all snuggled in it even on chilly days. I also feel like a proper student of the uni in it. Excuse the light etc,

And now it's your turn. Tell me what has made your week that little bit special. What has put a smile on your face? On twitter use #wonderfulwednesday (I'm @appreciate_day), leave a comment or better still write your own post. These lovely ladies, led by the gorgeousSally all write fabulous posts that make my Wednesday's so check out JoHelenMichelleSarahCatSamEl KerriMimmiMartina and Isabelle.

Kate xx


  1. Hoodies are wonderful! I have one from my uni and one from my dance club, and they're both the comfiest things. And hurrah for cake, libraries and granola! Enjoy the rest of your week :) xx

  2. I can't believe you're new to granola, isn't it wonderful?? Do share if you find some overnight oat recipes, I still need to give that a go. Regular porridge though, regular porridge is about the most warming, wonderful thing.
    So glad you've had a lovely week, and that you've been getting out and about in awesome Devon!
    Have a brilliant rest of the week! Happy coaching too, that's super cool.
    M x

  3. Oh, I'd love to explore the Barbican - hope you share some photos!

  4. Oh that hoodie looks wonderful!! My fail safe overnight oat recipe is:

    1 Cup of Oats
    Milk (I use rice or almond milk as I can't have dairy)
    1 Apple
    A small handful of sultanas
    2 tbsp of honey
    1 tsp of cinnamon

    I literally pop all of this in a bowl mix it up and leave it in the fridge over night. It is every kind of wonderful! :)

    Peta xx

  5. Granola has been my go to breakfast over the past couple of weeks and it really is delicious and easy. I like mine with some almond milk but yoghurt is good too :)

    Ahhh University hoodies. I still have mine from 12 years ago! They really are the snuggliest of things.

    Have a fab week! xx

  6. Oh granola! I have decided I love it! Check out the Minimalist Baker website, that's where I got my granola recipes from and they are delicious! I need to make some more on the weekend!

  7. I love your university hoodie! I remember when I first started my housemates and I geeked out and bought all of the uni goodies and it's just fun. I still have a lot of my mementos from my time at uni as I loved collecting bits and pieces from my time there. So glad you've had a good week too, and I was always seeking out the greenery while in a city - it's good for the soul! And cake is always good. Also, granola too, so good! I love granola come autumn. Hope the rest of your week goes well! - Tasha