Sunday, 18 December 2016

Christmas Cards

This year I decided to make my own Christmas cards. I usually don’t send that many so it’s worth putting in some extra effort to make them special. It’s also a great tip for students as the cards cost me next to nothing to make.

My first port of call when thinking about what to make is always Pinterest. In the last year I have not organised them conventionally into themes, but had a board for each month. This is going to allow me to look back at the end of the year and see my changing tastes and moods through the year. You can find my Pinterest here.

To create my design I first sketched a Christmassy shape in pencil. This one is a tree, but I also did baubles, stars and stockings. Having done this I used a ruler to draw straight lines across the shape at varying widths.

Now it was time to add the writing. Again I did this in pencil and used a ruler to mark out the spacing of the letters. This takes a bit of time, but makes a more professional final card as the shape is filled evenly. Again I used Pinterest as inspiration for the different fonts used.

Once everything was drawn out and I was happy with it I drew over it in a black fine liner and rubbed out the pencil marks. The lettering should create the shape of the Christmas shape. Finally, I drew the star on top in pencil and used watercolour paint to colour it a contrasting red. With the bauble, star and stocking I added red hanging catch, ribbon and cuff respectively. The final touch was to draw around the star in fine liner and write in the card.

My flatmates loved their cards and they all tacked them onto their doors. I can’t wait for the ones I sent to arrive.

What Christmas crafts have you made? Do you make your own Christmas cards?


  1. Eeeek! These are so cute. I'm the least crafty/arty person ever. I'm really rubbish so I don't really make anything. The closest I've got is this year I've recycled old Christmas cards in to gift tags.

    V <3

    1. That's something. I rarely get the time to be creative so loved making these.

  2. These are so lovely! I wish I could make something like this! Instead I have to content myself with writing really personal messages to each individual inside my cards so they say something special, even if they don't look that interesting. My mum is really into Christmas crafts though - my room is currently hung with Advent bunting, all numbered and complete with pockets which hold hand-made decorations like trees, holly and stockings, or little chocolate truffles. Sadly I don't seem to have inherited her skill!
    Lx | Lightly We Go

    1. You see I'm rubbish at the special messages to go inside so I'd rather spend time making the outside special. Your mum sounds amazing. The advent bunting is such a good idea and a lovely thing to keep.
      Kate xx

  3. It looks amazing! I am SO bad at handwriting, I'm not sure I'd manage such a neat job, but I'm going to bookmark this to try next year.