Friday, 23 December 2016

Winter Foliage Walks

One of the things I have missed being away in Plymouth is walking in the countryside. On a beautiful sunny day I wrapped up extra warm and ventured out to find myself some winter foliage. Despite the clear blue sky, the air had a nip to it that hinted to the December date and the official start of winter the previous day. Rediscovering my tweed coat was a godsend. I had left it home when I went to university. It's fabric lends it to a country way of living and it's warmth just isn't needed in Plymouth where temperatures are a good 5 degrees higher at all times. This morning pulling on my tweed coat was like putting on a warm hug. Finding fleece lined fingerless gloves in the pocket was an added bonus.

My mission was to find as much greenery as I could to decorate the house. Holly, ivy and box were all cut and placed in my bucket. To contrast with the green I also picked some red berries. Unfortunately none of the holly bushes I came across had berries on them. Therefore I picked branches of rose hips. It took me back to the summer when the hedgerows were festooned with dog roses with their pale, delicate blooms.

Being outside made me really happy. The walk was completely silent and I found myself humming away to myself. Christmas songs flicked through my mind but not a lot else. Walking is an ideal opportunity to just be calm. The most important thought were which branch to cut next. During my whole journey I saw one other person walking their dog who greeted me with a good morning and were on their way. This is such a contrast to the bustle of city life. These weeks are an ideal opportunity for me to recharge my batteries before another semester in Plymouth.

I can't wait to put these branches in vases and make garlands to decorate the house. How are you decorating the house this year? Will you be using natural decorations?

Kate xx


  1. Gorgeous photos, Kate, they make me think of walks near my mother in law's house - love Norfolk! Alas no holly or ivy in our house this year but we have a real Christmas tree, I can't not have one of those! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, lovely one. C xx

    1. A real Christmas tree?! We didn't have any Christmas tree this year what with me coming back and the busy time before Christmas. The greenery had to make up for it. Hope you had a good one lovely x