Monday, 2 January 2017

Boxing Day in Photos

It seems a Boxing Day tradition to go for a walk. To blow the cobwebs from the indulgence of Christmas. This year the cobwebs were well and truly blown. Despite the photos looking a beautiful blue, the wind was brisk and strong.

My Mum and I had packed a picnic, including all the best bits of Christmas. The nice ham cut thickly into sandwiches and slathered in the onion chutney that is only eaten at this time of the year. We ate large chunks of quiche and posh crisps. This was washed down with that posh fizzy grape juice. The non alcohol alternative that always surfaces at festive times. It was drunk out of posh plastic cups. The ones out of a long forgotten about picnic set adorned with flowers. However the wind was too biting for chilly, outside picnics, so all was balanced in the car with the heating keeping us toasty.

We then ventured on a walk around Beccles Quay which, after following signs, took us the Beccles Fen. Although brisk it was lovely to get moving again and spend time with my mum.

How was your Christmas period and what did you get up to?

Kate xx

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