Friday, 20 January 2017


I want to talk about hugs.

Hugs that are so tight and go on for so long because you don't want to let go of the person. Where you have to squeeze your eyes so tightly shut because otherwise you may just weep a little bit. The knowledge that you may not see that person for a while keeps that hug going for slightly longer.

Hugs to say, I'm home. To say hello. To say I'm back.

Hugs to hold in the pain. That encircle you with another body like armour to protect you from the outside world. Where you become one entity against the world. A team that will make it through together.

Hugs to welcome. To snuggle yourself in the love of another. Where you feel that warmth of mutual kindness. The hug is so soft and comfortable that it feels like that teddy you had when you were little and just made you feel ok.

Hugs to say thank you. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for putting up with all my little quirks and foibles.

Hugs that are often. When you walk in the room or just because you feel like it. Just because a snuggle would be nice. When you get a message that says 'I'll be back in 5 and I'll come in for a cuddle'.

Hugs have been proven to enhance your wellbeing. Physical contact with another reduces loneliness and makes you happy. So today, hug the ones you love. Hug people and mean it. The average hug lasts 3 seconds. Hold them tight for as long as you can.

Kate xx


  1. This is utterly adorable and was so needed today! Hugs for you Kate! - Tasha

  2. Virtual hugs in your general direction for being an awesome hug loving human bean! M x

  3. My daughter is a hugger, a generous and fierce hugger. Im terrified that she wont be as huggy when she grows up!

  4. I love this! Being in a long distance relationship, I reeeeally miss hugs from my OH!