Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #45

Can we take a few minutes to just look out of the window and breathe? That's what I did in the early morning moments of Tuesday as I captured this shot. This week has been hectic and a little bit stressful as a write and rewrite and try to find a house for next year. Therefore, these moments of quiet and happiness are so important. My mission for you this week is to take a moment to breathe. To look out on this wonderful world and think. Then spend the rest of the time absolutely smashing it like the awesome people you are.

1. Football course. Yesterday I spent the day learning and growing. I attended a course aimed to help teach football in schools. It was so engaging and gave me lots of ideas. The tutor was great and answered all our questions using his own experience. I can't wait to put these ideas into practise.

2. Sunrise. I've already waxed lyrical about this one, but there's something special about the colours in the sky and waking up so early that everything is still and quiet.

3. Piglets. My best friend has two pigs, Mollie and Connie and this week Connie had piglets. The continuous photos of tiny, tiny black pigs has been making me squeal. They are just so little and cute.

4. Hot chocolate. In a massive travel mug that I took to the library on Monday. I had a cough and a headache, but I also had lots of essay to write so motivation was definitely needed. Sipping a toasty hot chocolate as I worked was a little thing I could do to make myself feel better.

5. Women's March. I can't tell you how much my heart sang as I saw the global photos of the women's march on Saturday. I wish I had been walking with my friend and her banners. However I see a force of women (that should be the collective noun right?) who are fighting for women's rights. This is why I'm a feminist. This is why we should accept everyone. It has inspired me.

6. Rachael Heyhoe-Flint. This week saw the death of a pioneer. A true inspiration in women's sport. Although this has saddened me greatly I have taken such energy from her. I met her two years ago in the House of Lords where she spoke about the need for girls to be inspired to play sport. As England Cricket captain, she campaigned for publicity and sponsorship even becoming a journalist to report on her own games. She captained the first ever women's game at the home of cricket, Lords, long before women were allowed to even enter the club room. She was one of the first members of the MCC the recognised founders of cricket. She expected equal rights for women in sport and fought hard for them. Since retiring, she sat on boards for international and national organisations, not just in cricket, but also football. This powerful force of a woman has driven me to want more. To expect the rights that I deserve, but also work tirelessly so that the next generation can experience them. An amazing woman should be remembered in this legacy.

7. Breakfast. Friday morning was the last day that all my flatmates were together. With some moving out this week it's been sad. So a farewell breakfast was in order. A full English whilst chatting was just the ticket and set me up nicely for the day. Did I mention I had possibly the best milkshake ever? Nutella milkshake that tastes exactly like the spread! I'll be going back just for that.

So that's it for another week. Looking back, lots has inspired me this week and despite fending off a cough and cold I'm feeling good. Once I have written these last thousand words I'll be free from assignments for a month or so. It'll be time to use all this exciting energy in practise. For more Wonderful Wednesday goodness take a look at the rest of the gang's posts: JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl Kerri's,Mimmi'sMartina's AND lovely Isabelle, follow along with #wonderfulwednesday on twitter or instagram, let me know what's made you smile n the comments or better still, write your own post!

Kate xx


  1. Well, you've won Wonderful Wednesday there with your piglet pictures! I don't think there can be anything that could make anyone happier in life than gazing at teeny baby pigs, adorable! Best of luck with your house search, ugh, stress! x

    1. Piglets always win!! I keep getting updates and have a little squeal everytime x

  2. High five to feeling all kinds of inspired, isn't it wonderful to find such awesome in the world. Those marches were something else, I've never felt prouder of being a woman nor more grateful for our freedom in this country.
    And stop with the piglets! Too much cute!
    Happy house hunting, hope it isn't too traumatic and have a great rest of the week
    M x

  3. AHHH piglets!!! <3 And sunrises? Perfect.


  4. Awww, the piglets! How adorable! There is nothing cuter than getting to see baby animals, especially piglets because they're just so sweet! I often go on about sunrises too, they're just so comforting to me, and the fact that they can make a day get off to a good start, and make a bad day feel much better too is always a bonus for me. Loved seeing all of the images coming out of the Women's March too, it's wonderful to see people coming together, from all walks and genders. - Tasha

    1. I'm not sure there can be too many photos of sunsets. Wasn't it just so empowering? x

  5. How amazing are those piglets! I agree, the marches have lifted the spirits and made it easier to feel positive. xx

  6. Aww the piglets are so cute!! A large flask of hot chocolate is exactly what you need when under the weather. Good luck with the house hunt x

  7. Oooh, look at those cuties!! I hope they will be going to wonderful forever homes!

  8. Oh those piglets, so sweet!
    Seeing the women's marches across the world were really good for my heart this week - I felt better about the world than I have in months ! x