Monday, 27 March 2017

Planning for Summer

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the sunny days we've been having in the last week? We even had 2 in a row on a weekend! A sunny weekend and very little scheduled makes me happy. It included early morning sunshine walks and lazy afternoons chatting whilst looking out to see. The weekend was full of picnics, impromptu games and quick walks to watch the sunset over the sea. The sunshine always makes me feel brighter and more motivated. I want to be active. Waking up to sunshine pouring through my skylight makes me want to rush at the day. And even better, when you're not walking home in the dark, but slowly watching the sky gain a pinkish tinge and fade.

This has got me thinking about warmer days ahead. When shorts are my go to outfit and the sun bronzes skin and bleaches hair. My summer is already pretty packed so here's what I'm looking forward to:

1. My Placement. The last thing I'll be doing in university this year is a 4 week placement. I am so excited to get to know the children for a longer period of time and see their progression through that time. Having just finished one placement, I'm already so excited for the next one.

2. Majorca. My flatmate lives out in Majorca so I will be spending a few days out there with her this summer. I'm looking forward to seeing where she lives and experiencing the warm beaches! We'll be staying at hers and exploring the island.

3. Work. This sounds like a weird one, but I've really missed being fully involved in cricket whilst I've been at university so spending the summer at cricket festivals will be amazing. Spending my days watching cricket in the sunshine is my perfect job and the fact that I get to it in such beautiful surroundings will make it even better.

4. Seeing my family and friends. Living the other side of the country makes me cherish the time spent with friends and family even more. I'm excited for beach trips, picnics, dog walks, pub garden catch ups and all sorts of other fun activities.

5. Girls holiday. For the past 3 years me and 2 friends have had a short city break every summer. It's lovely to spend time with them exploring a city and the surrounding areas. This summer we've settled on a long weekend spent in Canterbury and exploring Kent. These girls are my closest friends, but I'm spending uni so far from them so I'm really looking forward to this.

6. Bristol trip. I'm going to be spending a couple of nights in Bristol. This is a city that I'm really excited to explore as I've heard so much about it's arty, quirky character. I'm going down to watch a cricket match with my friend, but am bound to explore the city too.

Whilst these are the main things I have booked in for my summer I know that there will so many other lovely memories that will be thrown in. Has this gorgeous weather got you excited for summer? What have you got planned?

Kate xx


  1. Sounds like you have a summer full of fun and exciting plans ahead! I love this time of year, and being able to anticipate and plan for lots of summer activities (even if many of mine never seem to come to fruition)

    1. Having something to look forward to is great! Hope you enjoy your plans x

  2. Bristol is a great city to visit, so many museums, street art, parks, good shopping and good food and drink.