Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #53

Hello, sunshiney weather, longer brighter evenings and the promise of spring. This clock change has got me all sorts of happy and spring definitely gives me that motivating jolt. I'm so happy to see glimpses of blossom on the trees and, as my mum would say, 'the sticky buds popping' on the horse chestnuts. This week has been one of getting outside and enjoying nature.

1. Progress. This week I finished my placement and I was so proud to see the progress the children I had worked with had made. It was incredible to think of what they had learnt in such a short space of time and being part of that was amazing.

2. Early morning walks. On Saturday I had an appointment at 9am so I made the 1 and a half mile walk in beautiful sunshine. I choose a route where I could meander through the park and take in the daffodils and dogs. After walking back I felt so motivated for the day. Being active in the morning makes my days seem longer and I can get so much more done. I feel productive, especially when the sun's out!

3. So many dogs. This weekend also saw a visit to the Hoe which is a park right next to the sea here in Plymouth. With the sun out most of Plymouth and their dogs had gravitated there. This meant that I spent my whole time shouting 'DOG!' at highly inappropriate volumes and stroking every single one that came within a 10 metre radius. This was all well and good until a cheeky beagle started trying to eat our picnic then there was a quick scramble to hide the doughnuts.

4. Sunset walks. My flatmates and I finished our weekend with a walk to the sea to watch the sunset. As the pinkish hues danced across the sky and the light faded we chatted about anything and everything. Laughing so much that people stopped to look our way. A lovely way to finish our weekend.

5. Club day. The cricket club spent Sunday playing sports against each other. Spending a day in the company of my teammates whilst raising money was lovely although everyone got very over competitive!

6. Meals cooked for me. Last night after a long 9-6 stint at uni I looked out of the window to see the rain chucking it down. Thankfully for me I had a quick dash to my friends flat which is mere metres from my lecture building where she cooked dinner for me. One of the boring, effortfilled things about university is deciding what to cook so having her cook for me was such a break. She cooked enchiladas which were full of spicy tomatoey, cheesey goodness. I really enjoy sharing a meal with someone and being able to just chat.

7. Park studying. Monday saw sunshine where I didn't even need a jumper! The likelihood of me spending much time indoors was narrow, but I do have a lot of work to do. Therefore I decided to find myself a different study space. I took a walk down to the park and armed with supplies (a kinder beuno) read and took notes in the sunshine. Again may have got distracted by a few dogs, but I felt so much happier being outside.

8. Weird and wonderful combinations. I have only 3 days until I go home for Easter and we're in the home straight in regards to food. I don't want to do another shop which would spoil over Easter so I'm mixing up my combinations. My current go to breakfast sounds really weird, but tastes so yummy. I have been mixing a handful of porridge oats and chopped up dried apricots into greek yoghurt then adding a swirl of nutella on top.

So that's another sun filled week of happiness. For more listings of joy head on over to: SallyJoHelenMichelleSarah, CatSamEl KerriMimmiMartina , Peta, Kelly and our lovely newest addition Emma. Do let me know f I've missed you off and share what's been making your week special.

Kate xx


  1. Yay for spring, sunshine, productive mornings and feelings of accomplishment! I need to take your lead and do some exercise in the morning, especially now the weather is warming up!

    Have a good weekend xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    1. Thanks Lynsey. What will be your exercise of choice? xx

  2. Yay for Spring time and all it's loveliness! I remember the Hoe being a gorgeous place to go in the sunshine but always full of everyone trying to grab their own slice of the rays!
    Thank you for yet another truly uplifting Wonderful Wednesday!
    Peta x

    1. I didn't realise you used to live in Plymouth! Do you have any recommendations of things I must do? Thanks Peta! xx