Saturday, 29 April 2017

Baylham Rare Breeds Farm

First up, I will not be apologising for the amount of baby animals in this post. You can thank me later and be jealous that I got to stroke them.

Last weekend, a couple of friends and I ventured to Baylham Rare Breeds Farm. Tucked a couple of minutes away from Needham Market, the farm is set in beautiful surrounding by a lake and watermill. After parking up, there's a short walk to the farm, but you are actively encouraged to play pooh sticks on the bridges on the way. As we were waiting for one of us to join us we started the visit with a cheese scone in the little cafe. Reasonable priced, huge and tasty this definitely started off the visit right. The selection of cakes also looked very tempting and were all handmade.

Then it was time to explore the fields and houses of the farm armed with our bags of food and instructions how to feed the animals. First up was the lambing shed. The lambs were so inquisitive and came over for a stroke.

Then we went out onto the fields where the older lambs, alpacas, pigs, cows and sheep were. Halfway round we found a hollow tree and as mentioned in Wonderful Wednesday climbed for the first time in ages! There was also a few swings and things for us to have a natter on.

Then lastly my absolute favourites! These piglets are only 2 weeks old and they were playing like puppies. I couldn't get any photos of them playing as they just moved too quickly. They were jumping around, over each other and onto their food tray. When we were in this building for the second time (they were too cute not to go back) their handler was there too and picked up one of the piglets for us to have a stroke.

After a rematch of pooh sticks on the walk back to the car (I won both rounds, not competitive at all) it was time to head home. It was such a lovely afternoon, but I'd say there's not enough to keep you entertained for a whole day.

Kate xx


  1. Oh Kate it sounds like you had the most amazing time! I love a good old game of Pooh sticks!! Those animals are all adorable, I desperately want to live on a farm again!!
    Peta x

    1. The games of pooh sticks were so cute, well until I got competitive! Do you have plans to live on a farm again? xx

  2. Gorgeous photos, Kate! Sounds like a really wonderful day :) C x

  3. Such brilliant photographs! Thanks for sharing, they are fab x