Friday, 7 April 2017

Every Person's story: The folded newspaper

This is a poem written in response to a moment. A moment and a person that I saw on the tube. Every person has a story to tell and I am hoping to capture these moments in a new series of creative writing.

She held the paper clenched in her hand.
Paper folded neatly into squares
which she had unfolded and folded so many times
edges feathered and frayed.

As the newspaper opens again
I saw the face of a man widen
The article based solely on him
an obituary or maybe a profile.

But why the fascination with this mystery man?
emblazoned across the newsprint and her heart
as she tucked the square inside her jacket pocket
Checking it was safe and patting twice.

Could this man be someone she longs for?
A former lover or a long lost family member
Or someone she despises?
Someone she is looking for.

She smooths the photo over again and reads
looking for clues in the writing
and as her tube stop arrives she safely stows
ready to find the meaning from the words.

Kate xx


  1. wow!!! I love this. I wonder who he was to her!!! When you really start noticing people you realise that everyone has a completely different story to tell. This series seem interesting. Excited to read what will come next. :)

    1. Thank you for this lovely comment. People watching is my favourite and I have lots of stories to tell xx

  2. Love this - another good (not as romantic) people watching activity is the 'what's inside their trolley' game. Wine? For one? Asparagus? Health kick? Two chocolate eclairs? Greedy?...

    1. Oh I do this all the time. It's funny the weird combinations of things people have in their trolleys xx