Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Spring Sunsets

Quarter to 8 on a Sunday evening found me pulling on my Dad's oldest, most comfy jumper over my dress and sticking my wellies on ready to chase the sunset. A peak out of my window as I was working showed me the colours of the sky changing and I just knew I needed to be outside. Down the drive and along the road armed with my camera. As I nearer the footpath that opens out into the biggest of skies, the view unhampered by buildings or trees, I broke into a jog. Keen not to miss anymore of the sky's performance.

The sky was painted in pinks and blues. The clouds rushing like brushstrokes across the sky. And I simply stood. I watched the clouds change and the dark sky behind me gradually sweep forwards. There was nobody in sight and the gentle wind billowed at my skirt. The only sounds the tweetings of the birds as they went to bed.

The stillness is important to me. I have written so many times on this blog about taking time to be quiet and still in nature. It calms me and makes me feel peaceful. My mind is calm too. My thoughts still as I concentrate on the small changes around me. Much has been written about mindfulness and I'm not sure I fully understand the concept, but this is what it is to me. Being still, watching nature and using all your senses. Being aware of the small changes around you and in this I feel calm.

This is so important to me and I must remember to make moments like these a regular part of my days.

Kate xx


  1. Such beautiful words to go alongside stunning pictures! It should never be underestimated, the power of just 'being' xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice