Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #69

Hello, lovely people. After the sunshine of yesterday, I'm hiding inside from the rain. The week seems to have gone by in a flash. The days are sort of merging into one as they're long and pretty similar. Therefore I've felt that it's even more important to seek out the tiny moments that differentiate the days.

1. Views. This place that I'm living is just beautiful. Every morning I have a 10 minute drive over the Malvern hills and the view is just beautiful. You can see over the 3 counties and it opens out for miles.

2. Cricket wins. The excitement surrounding the women's world cup has been amazing. There's been some fantastic close games which have got everyone so enthusiastic about it. And an England win has been fantastic. We had a group of U13 girls who were just buzzing about it. What an inspiration.

3. Stories from umpires. A lot of my day is spent making cups of tea for umpires. This means I get all of their stories which are just hilarious.

4. Lovely comments. This week I finished running my first festival on my own. I feel rushed off my feet and more than needed a night off before I start the next one today, but I had some really lovely comments from coaches, parents and players which made it worthwhile. Knowing I had put a parent leaving their child for the first time at ease and made a coach's life a little easier is what I do it for.

5. Doughnut after a long day. My boss finished work last night and as she walked up to our rooms she brought me a doughnut. After a long day, that sugar rush and the fact that she'd thought of me really hit the spot.

6. A really good stretch. You know when you're just a bit achy and clicky. This week has definitely been one of those. I haven't done much exercise and I've needed to get moving. Therefore I've taken a little bit of time in the mornings to properly stretch my body and do a bit of yoga. Makes me feel so much better.

7. Deep breathes. When you're walking on your own to breakfast and the place is so still and quiet. Just taking the time to breathe and take in the fresh crisp air that shows we're going to have a scorcher of a day. The tiny droplets of dew collecting on the spider's webs as my feet create pathways. Yeah, those tiny moments.

That's it for this week. Now it's your turn to share the fab moments of the week and check out the rest of the gang:  SallyJoHelenMichelleSarah, CatSamEl KerriMimmiMartina , Peta, Kelly and Emma's blogs and use the hashtag on twitter and instagram - #WonderfulWednesday.

Kate xx


  1. What a stunning view! I know what you're talking about with the achy feeling - I sit at a desk all day and have been feeling like I need a good ol' stretch all week - I'm getting my yoga mat out for a Sunday morning session :) Have a lovely weekend, Kate xx

    1. Beautiful isn't it? Definitely perks me up in the morning. Hope your Sunday morning yoga made you feel heaps better. Have a lovely week xx