Monday, 30 December 2013

Another Year Over

This has been my first year blogging and I've had a great time. As I've said before I'm sporadic and a little unreliable with my posts but blogging has meant I have concentrated on doing crafty things and appreciating the wonderful things in my life. My life seems to have changed quite dramatically during the time I've been blogging: I have gone from Sixth form student doing academic a levels and finding time to do crafty bits and cricket in my spare time to working coaching sports and dance in primary schools and appreciating the world around me. I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. I was so lucky to get it and look forward to all the new challenges in the new year: Street dance being one of them. (If anyone has any hints and tips for teaching street dance they would be appreciated).

I have had to make some hard decisions this year about where my life is headed and I know this is just going to continue but I think I am now more aware of what I want. I realise I don't have to do things because people expect me to do them.

Exciting things that happened this year:
- I became a county cricket coach
- I started my blog
- I got my first job which I love
- I finished my A levels and got reasonable results that will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life
- I passed my driving test
- I passed my level 2 cricket coach course
- I became the first female to captain one of the senior teams at my cricket club
- Been on a wonderful holiday to York

As you can see 2013 has been a massive year for me and I have lots of exciting things planned for 2014 which I will share with you in the next few days. Have an amazing new years eve (I will be spending it with friends) and good luck with 2014

Kate xx

Friday, 20 December 2013

Full Festive Flow

Only 5 more sleeps until Christmas and I am in full festive flow. This week has been full to the brim with festive goings on:

Winter always makes me drink far too much hot chocolate and this week has been no exception. As I don't drink tea or coffee, my friends are always supping on a steaming mug of hot chocolate whilst catching up. This week there has been so much to catch up on so whether at home or in some lovely cafes I have drunk many many cups this week.
Another drink that I have discovered this week is the gingerbread flavour milkshake. Such a Christmassy treat and such a bargain at a quid!

I felt Christmas really started when I went back to my old school to their carol concert. It was such a beautiful service with carols sung in parts. Despite my awful cold I was belting out the carols and even attempting the decants. So sorry to anyone in the rows in front of me. It was the first reunion of many of my friends for the holidays so we ended up staying in the church long after the mince pies and mulled wine had been cleared away and had to be asked to leave the church! There was so much to catch up with we hadn't realised the time at all.

After a week of making everything I taught Christmas related (and I can tell you that is hard when you're meant to be teaching dodgeball), I finished work for the holidays last night. I love my job but this is a well earned break. It's also lovely to have time off with my friends so today I spent on the sofa grazing and watching Notting Hill with my best friend. She's been on at me to see this film for years and it's only today that I realise the cute amazing feel good film I've been missing. It was great to be back in the same room as her after 3 months and we slipped into exactly the same chat as ever.

I also had my assessment at work this week - great timing with the stress but I'm glad it went well! Christmas games clearly do work.

This might be the last full holiday I get this academic year so I'll going to really make the most of it. This weekend I've got a gig and seeing family. Then it's onto the main festivities: Friends on Christmas Eve and family on Christmas Day. Let me know how the build up to Christmas is going for you.

Kate xx

Sunday, 15 December 2013

They're Coming Home

I feel like this weekend is really the start of Christmas for me as my friends that have finished their first term of uni and will be making their way back home. I have got a lot of my shopping done so from now on it will be all about spending time with those that I love and having a good time. I finish work next week and am really welcoming the break. Much as I love my job a break is always good.

Here are some of the perfectly Christmassy events I have planned:
- going out for hot chocolate and a catch up with friends
- Big Sunday roast with all the trimmings
- duvet days with Christmas films
- going to a carol service and singing at the top of my voice. Followed by mince pies and mulled wine.
- present wrapping
- going to see my amazing friends' Christmas gig.
- putting the tree and decorations up
- seeing my cousins and family for a lovely lunch in Cambridge
- Christmas baking (seeing as my friends haven't done a lot of baking in their student kitchens)

I'm really looking forward to seeing them all and hearing about their term. Correspondence over email, text message or even good old letters isn't the same as spending time with each other.

Will you be meeting up with friends you haven't seen over Christmas? Also suggestions of other festive events are appreciated.

Kate xx

Friday, 29 November 2013

Feeling Thankful

I know that yesterday was Thanksgiving in America and while over here we don't celebrate it (possibly harvest festival is the closest thing) it really got me thinking. Because I moan a lot! I don't mean to and I try hard not to becuase I know there are so many things to be thankful for. So this post is all about what we should be thankful for and grateful for and appreciate every single day. I have 4 major things I am thankful for:

1. My amazing friends. I miss them so much at the minute because many of them are away at university so I am incredibly grateful that they remain my friends through everything and that it is only a couple of weeks until they all come home and festivities can begin. I feel that is when Christmas will really start for me!

2. My family who have been mega supportive through all my choices this year. I think I have sent them down some merry paths with going to Uni, then not and getting a job. However they have been there throughout it all and I'm still living here which I am extremely thankful for.

3. My job. I know I was extremely lucky to find a job that I enjoying doing so much in such a short space of time. I love the variety of the job (working with a range of ages and abilities in lots of diferent sports, the people I work with (who have been really supportive and great fun) and most of all the job itself which I'm loving! I am thankful that there will be extra opportunities in the new year which I will grab with both hands!

4. My Gorgeous Dog, Ben. Everyday he greets me with lots of love and cuddles. He has so much energy that it is impossible to not smile at him.

But everyday I like to remember all the little things I am thankful for:
- Having the best 12 hour sleep last night which really recharged me and I've woken up energetic and ready for today.
- The beautiful colours of autumn
- my snuggly dressing gown that has had to make an appearance.
- little notes that my Mum leaves me every morning before she goes to work.

There is lots to be thankful for and I will remember this. What are you thankful for?

p.s. sorry about lack of photos in my past few posts. I don't seem to be able to upload any. If anyone has any helpful knowledge on this it would be greatly appreciated!

Kate xx

Friday, 22 November 2013

Ways to be Productive

Now I'm working I have to be productive. There can be no procrastination, or maybe just minimal procrastination. The problem is I am very good at wiling away hours without getting much done. So I am trying really hard to keep myself focused so that I have time to do the things I want to do too.

1. Use my diary I decided that my new year's resolution this year would be to use a diary. Not to write about my everyday life just to organise myself. This really worked over my exams in the summer and now it's coming into it's own bearling in mind that everyday I'm working somewhere different and I have to know that I have planned the sessions. I make sure all my hours are logged in there andit helps me look forwards and see what I'm doing next week. It sounds really simple but works for me.

2. Organisation My this I mean make sure you know where things are. I've left school but I still have plently of folders and notebooks to keep things in. But make sure each notebook/ folder has a purpose and you know exactly what is in it. For example I have one folder that goes everywhere with me. It has all the paperwork I might need to run my sessions - plans,registers etc. I will never leave anything behind becuase it's all in folder. Woe betide me if I leave that at home! I also have separate notebooks for each thing I'm doing. So work plans go in one, cricket club in another, county in another.I know where everything should be so less confusion happens (hopefully).

3. I write a list Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is write a list of what needs completeing that day. It can be all the completely mundane taskes that need doing like peeling the potatoes for tea, but the satisfaction of knowing you've done it and can tick it off means it's more likely to get done. It also means I can't forget an all important task I need to do for the day as it's all on the list. I can't sing the praises of this simple idea enough as it really focuses my energies and everything gets done.

These three simple measures are so easy to impliment into daily life and just allow you to be a bit more productive.

Have you got any tips because I always need them?!
Kate xxx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Sporadic Blogger

I'm a sporadic blogger. I have fits and bursts of blogging and times when my life just gets in the way. And I've decided that's ok becuase blogging is what you want it to be.

So here is a round up of what's happened in my life since I last was able to take two minutes to have a chat:

I am loving my job! You might remember I got a job coaching sports in primary schools. Well my hours are steadily increasing which means I get to do more of a range of sports. I'm currently taking classes in dodgeball, football, hockey, dance and my favoured cricket. But that's not all, the company is moving into doing more work in performing arts and my collegue and I have been chosen to move this forwards. Therefore last week I qualified as an arts award advisor and assessor. If you're not familiar with the arts award take a look at their website. Basically the award allows young people/ children to explore all forms of the arts and their own creativity. It's such a good project and I look forward to delivering it!

I'm also looking forward to Christmas when many of my friends get back from University. I have missed them so much and I look forward to seeing them crazy folks and having lots of festive events. The chill has just hit (she says as she sits with her dressing gown over her slothes becuase it's so cold) so it's starting to feel a lot more festive round here. I even found myself singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" yesterday.

But there is also exciting things in the here and now. They may be little things but they make my day just that little bit brighter:
- Seeing a beautiful rainbow right across the sky when driving yesterday
- Waking up to a frost which makes swirling patterns on the roof of my car
- How it really feels like autumn now the trees have finally reached shades of fiery reds, oranges and brown.
- How good cheese on toast is when you come in from the cold
- Getting back into knitting
- Ending each day with a hot chocolate made with the best invention ever - the Horlicks masher!

I know many of the things I mention are to do with the weather but the weather is around us all the time affecting us. And it is a cliche but in England we do seem to talk about the weather a lot!

How's life in your world?
Kate xxx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Easy Peasy Soda Bread

I haven't done any kind of baking for ages so I thought I'd go back to something that was really easy.

Ingredients for said soda bread:
200g self raising flour
2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda
200ml semi skimmed milk
juice of half a lemon (or what I used, 2 teapsoons lemon juice)

Method1. Put the juice of the lemon into the milk and leave to sour.

2. Mix together flour and bicarb in a bowl.

3. Make a well in the flour mixture and pour in most of the milk mixture. Mix in carefully with a wooden spoon. Now it's up to you, if you think it looks a little dry add the rest of the milk. You're aiming for a sticky but manageable dough.

4. Put onto a lightly floured surface and shape. Don't handle too much or it will turn out heavy. I shaped mine and baked freeform on a baking tray but alternatively you could do it in a loaf tin. Don't panic at this point when the mixture looks tiny because it rises substantially in the oven.

5. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 40 minutes or until golden brown and it sounds hollow when tapped on the base. It should feel light and airy.

There you go beautiful bread that takes very little time to make. The resulting bread has a lovely crispy crust and is soft on the inside. Perfect still warm or for some rustic sandwiches. It is so versitile and quick and simple to make. What more can you want?

Kate xx

Sunday, 13 October 2013

life turns out in the most unexpected ways

The title says it all really!

I never expected to be doing what I'm doing right now. I wasn't the sport one at school. I never liked the running around - possibly because I wasn't that great at it. Then I discovered cricket...

Now I train probably once a week and coach a whole lot more than that in the summer. This is something I really enjoy and therefore hope to pass on to the next generation of cricketing super stars. My coaching philosophy is such that I want every person to have a smile on their face when playing or training for cricket. Becasue I can tell you now when I play you can't take the smile off my face. Not only do I love the sport I love who I play with.

I play in a men's team for my village club. There is no ladies team so it was play with these or not at all, and that was never going to happen. This means lots of banter on the field and going to the pub after the game. I've grown to enjoy this. You have to give as good as you get!

So now it's time to embark on the next chapter of my life. One that was meant to be Uni and all that goes with it. It turns out that actually it is a job coaching in primary schools. Yes I got it and I'm super excited! I will be coaching a range of sports and dance which I hope will enable the youth of today (does that still include me?) to particpate and get active. And most of all I hope it put the smile on their face that it does on mine.

Inspire a generation
What funny twists and turns have happened in your life recently?
Kate xx

Friday, 4 October 2013

And now I can breathe again.

On Wednesday, I had the practical part of my interview that I talked about in my previous post.

All I had to do was run a session for 9 children for an hour. Sounds simple enough. Until you realise that you have never even been to the town you are running the session in, let alone the school. This was obstacle number 1. So when in doubt I always turn to google and this was no exception. I goggle mapsed (that's a word right?) my directions and felt a little better. Although google told me it would take 47mins to get there I wasn't so sure. I left an hour and half which was porbably in hind sight far too long but I didn't want to be late. So when I arrived in the town an hour before I needed to be ther I found myself twiddling my thumbs for 20 minutes in side road. You'll be glad to know I was not twiddling my thumbs and drving at the same time. That could be very dangerous!

So I left myself plenty of time until that is I could lost in a crazy one way system in the middle of town and ended up having to ask in a supermarket where on earth I was going. The nice chap pointed me in the right direction and I got there with 5 minutes to spare.

Unfortunately the guys who were observing me turned up at exactly the same time so there was no chance of a 2 second calm down and sip of water before I had to start the small talk and go into the place. Thankfully another obtacle was overturned when I had brought literally everything I could ever possibly need with me. I had plenty of kit and all the paperwork. This did make me look slightly like a packhorse but I like to think I came across as organised and efficient.

We waited until the end of the school day and then it was time to start. First thing they told me was that I was going to have one child that could be a bit of handful and if there was any problem the teacher was just down the corridor. Well that sounded ominous!

Then the children started piling in. And before the session had even started I had one in tears because he wanted his mummy. First disaster (of many)! Thankfully the coach that usually takes this class said he would sort it out and not to worry. It was really nice to have him there - a bit of a reassuring presence.

But my mouth was still dry and I was still mega stressed. I knew I could do though so here goes.

It went in such a whirlwind and I changed some of my plans and I saved a few diasters and no one was hurt and we all came out of the other side. The guys observing seemed to like what I did although they told me to just chill (like I didn't know I was at a state of crazy tension throughout). They have one more person to see next week then I'll know if I got the job. Somehow through all that stress I must have done a good job because they said "the other guy will have to be exceptional to do better" but then he might be so we'll have to wait and see.

The funniest moment was when the "handful" didn't like that the other team got a point and started screaming about it. The tears stopped abruptly when I reminded the child that their team was still in the lead.

I really hope I get the job because much as the session was crazy, I really enjoyed it. I could see that they had taken on board what I had told them and understood. I love the energy they have for sport and I would love the help them enjoy that (if I can keep up). Although it stressed me out so much, I had a ball and I think the children did too. So now it's a waiting game but I look forward to it.

What new and maybe stressful thing have you done recently and did you end up actually enjoying it?

Kate xx

Monday, 30 September 2013


Sometimes you find yourself at a crossroads in life.

I had an amazing summer - saw friends and family and played lots of cricket. And then came results day. I had completely ignored it. In my reasoning I could do nothing about it so I needn't worry. Otherwise known as putting my head in the sand (my ultimate coping method). Then I realised that actually there were many things that I should have been preparing in the lead up to results day. All the stuff that would get me on track for when I went off to uni. My friends were telling me everything from where they were staying to what cutlery they had bought. Here I was completely out of my depth because I had bought nothing and organised nothing. But still I carried on through the days and weeks ignoring the screaming fact of panic.

Then it came to results day and I got some fair results. ABB wasn't enough to get me into my top choice Bath and shouldn't have been enough to get me into UEA either. All I could feel was relief - I didn't have to go. Someone else, or rather my results had made the choice for me. Because much as I have a bit of intelligence about me I knew that University, not this year and definately not that course, wasn't for me.

But then I was told that actually I had been offered a place at UEA and what happened next was what my Mum describes as my only 2 weeks of being a teenager. I was so annoyed but I believed that I had to go because I ought to go. becuase if I didn't I would let down all the people that had helped me get there. It also made me feel a little inadequate not to go to Uni. A large proportion of my friends were going and I thought this was what I needed to do next.

Through this period I was mainly crazily uptight. I cried myself to sleep because I just didn't know what to do and the prospect of going to uni filled me with dread but still I didn't get myself organised.

Finally after 2 weeks that I wish hadn't happened I eventually told my mum that I just couldn't do it. It was the biggest decision of my life. One that a lot of people don't understand. There seems to be quite a tradition or norm that after sixth form just go straight to Uni. It was such a release and I could feel the tension leave me as soon as I told her and we had a good old cry. I know that both my parents just want me to be happy but when you get to that place you feel like your letting them down. O the other side it seems so silly but that's really what I thought then.

The next thing was - well what am I going to do?
This was hard. I am the worst person for making decisions but all I knew was I really wanted to do something that I would enjoy. I haven't said this much on the blog but I'm a qualified cricket coach and it's something I devote an extraordinary amount of my spare time to. So if this could be my job...

So I applied to work in schools, coach cricket and other sports. I was never the sporty one at school. You will still not find me going for a jog (although things are changing and it's never out of the question). However cricket came along and it changed my life. I now play at least once a week in the season. I coach 3 club teams, 1 school team and am lead coach of 1 county team. I like to keep active and the people I have met through this are amazing. Yes they are mainly male but we all get on fine and it's something I enjoy so much!

I've had an interview for this position and I have to run a practical session on Wednesday. I really hope I get this job as It's something I really want to do. It's completely different from the academic course I was going to do but change is good. And if I do? well life goes on. I look for a different job, I see what opportunities are out there.

I always thought saying yes to every opportunity was important but now I know that doing what your instinct tells you and being true to yourself are a lot more important, because at the end of the day if you don't enjoy what you do in your career you have to work for a very long time!

Kate xx

Friday, 28 June 2013

Ticking off my summer list: No more L plates

Won't be needing L plates anymore!
 Number one ony list of things to do this summer was a really practical one. I needed to pass my driving test. I live in such a rural place that having your own car is a necessity as otherwise you are reliant on others for lifts places. And last week I managed to pass the test and immediately ripped the L plates off my car. However it wasn't until Monday that I was able to drive on my own for the very first time.

It seemed really weird to drive on my own. I was really nervous when I was getting myself ready and ended up going way to early. Which meant of course that I arrived at my destination much too early. But hey, better early than late! Credit has to go to my driver instructor as once I was driving I felt really calm and like I could handle each situation. As I was driving mainly down country lanes theres always something going on.

I have now driven several longish journeys on with friends and family but it still feels really weird that I can jump into the car and go wherever I want for a change. I love the freedom hope that my little car will allow me to go on plenty of adventures.

After I passed my instructor gave me a present of a road map. I thought this was really sweet and can't wait to start planning my adventures with it.

Kate xx

Monday, 24 June 2013

Before I die... or at least before the end of the summer

Ok so there is many excuses for my long absense and actually most of them are reasonable. I have been concentrating on my school work as I know I needed to work really hard in order to get to the uni I want to. Anyway I have been revising like a crazy women so my life has been a whirlwind of coloured pens mindmaps etc. (as an aside: Isn't revision just such a good excuse to use all of your cool stationary). Anyway so that all changed the day before yesterday when I finally finished my last exam. I'd love to say I was excited but actually I was just relieved it was all over. I was getting really worked up about the exams and having to work really hard all the time. But the reward of this summer is going to be great.

That brings me on to this summer. I have been thinking a lot about bucket lists recently and saw this great project.

This is a worldwide project where people share their aspirations on large boards in public places. I found the responses so inspiring and decided that I wanted to make sure this summer was one I would remember and would use it in a creative way.

Therefore I hope to document this summer that I have appreciated every day, accomplished the things I want to and been creative.

It would be great to here the things you want to do before you die ... or even before the end of summer (because it's just as good to have short term goals and long term ones).

Kate xx

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The future that's right for me

(view of one of my possible universities)

I have always believed that I should do what feels right for me and follow the path I chose. But isn't it just the hardest thing to do to chose the rest of your life. About a year ago I chose that I would apply to uni to do Natural Sciences. It seemed like the right thing to do as it would be carrying on the subjects that I am doing to A level and as everyone told me there would be s of jobs in that area and I was clever enough to do it.

OK fair enough, I wrote my personal statement and sent it off through UCAS and applied to some top universities. I have some offers, I had some interviews and now I have to get the grades. Grades that I realised were probably out of my ability a couple of months ago but right now I have to just aim to get however impossible it may be to do that.

And is this really what I want to do? There are so many choices and I'm not sure natural sciences is what I ever wanted to do. In fact my original idea was not to go to university at all. University is a big step and very expensive if I'm not even set on going. Which means my motivation is dwindling and I'm less likely to get the grades anyway. But maybe that's not such a bad thing!

Because ultimately I believe that being in the right place at the right time will get decide my future. I don't yet know what the future may be but I know that I will take every opportunity that comes my way that feels right for me to be doing. Even if it takes a little longer and the path ends up winding way more than others I will continue to go the way I believe in.

Kate xx

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spring may finally have sprung

April was a really good month

  • I saw Fun. live which was amazing. See the photos from the night here
  • I managed to make a few knitted accessories - I actually sported the knitted bow brooch just yesterday. I'd love to make some more.
  • The cricket season is in full swing so starting to get a few more games
  • I bought my first car and am now starting to drive it. Hope to pass my driving test really soon so I am free to go on lots of adventures.

And now May is here so we should be all over those April showers and looking out for some May flowers. I love this time when everything comes into bloom. I love the fact that now when I go on the bus to sixth form I pass a field of lambs and many wild flowers along the way. This just brightens my mornings and makes me ready for the day. Well, you can't help but smile at frollicking lambs even on a monday morning!
The sun is shining (well at least for now) so I'm off 2 my second cricket game of the weekend and looking forward to a nice relaxing bank holiday tomorrow. I took these photos from around my garden as I just love how everything is colourful and in bloom.

Have a great bank holiday
Kate xx

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sweets to get me through revision

So currently I'm deep into the dark time of revision so I thought I'd share with you some of the cute animal chocolates that are helping me through. Firstly there are some cute little bees and ladybirds which are Lindt chocolate. I also have some white chocolate pigs which my friend made with a mould she has. Such a cute present idea from her.

The pressure is starting to build up in preparation for exams. My last exam is in 49 days (Yes this post was going to be yesterday so I could say it was the nice round number of 50 but hey ho). I'm getting quite scared for them as I know I have to get really high grades to get to uni next year. So lots of motivation and revision is coming up. Hopefully this is going to translate on to my blog where I share how everything is going and my top tips for revision. And finally I would like you all to be my motivators. Leave me a comment to let me know how your revision is going, your experiences of exams and/ or uni or simply to tell me to get on with some work!

Kate xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It was FUN.

Let me first introduce my beautiful friends Lolly, Jess, Imogen, Ruby and Sophie (In that order in the below photo). Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and this is how I spent the evening. My friends and I had booked to see FUN. about 6 months ago so were anticipating this for ages which made it even better I think. My friend, who was driving, is super organised so we arrived at the venue nice and early. This gave us a chance to seek out a lovely nearby park and take a few photos in the sun. And eat donuts because that's normal thing to eat before a gig! We couldn't believe that there was a hot air balloon taking off from that park although sadly no photo evidence.
The gig was amazing and I have been listening to the album and some earlier tracks on repeat ever since. These guys were great live and they are able to turn their hand to a variety of instruments and there was so much energy in the performance.

This has to be my favourite song from the new album "Some Nights" check them out if you haven't already.

I wear this dress all the time! I love the pattern and collar with button through detail. It's a nice lightweight cotton so is great to layer but can also be work through the summer (and I think it goes with everything!). This was a charity shop find whilst my belt I borrowed from my brother.

Check out this band because I will be obsessing over them for the foreseeable future
Kate xx

Monday, 15 April 2013

A Few Loose Ends

There are several things I've been meaning to blog about so this is a post just to sort all that out really. Firstly look what I bought! This is my first car so I'm really excited.
I've got my L plates and hoping to pass really soon!

Also I've just got on the Bloglovin' bandwagon so <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> It's all there and sorted now I hope.

Kate xx

How to: make a knitted bow brooch

This is another amzingly quick and simple knitted project. This is one of those projects that you can complete whilst watching your favourite television program. I wanted to make a bow brooch as bows are cute and really feminine. I had this wool left over so I thought I would give this a go and just see what came out the other end. I'm going to say I made this up but you'll see how simple it is and realise it doesn't involve a lot of imagination! As always any questions just give me a shout.

To make this you need 4mm needles and some scrap yarn you have lying around.
First cast on 50 stitches.
Row 1 knit the full 50 stitches.
Row 2 knit the full 50 stitches.
Row 3 cast off the full 50 stitches.
Tidy the ends up so you have a long thin piece of knitting.
Then simply tie the bow. I have found that if you omit the knot from the back of the bow it makes the brooch less bulky.

I feel embarrased at how easy this is! Anyway after that you can secure a brooch fastening to the back or just pin it onto clothing.

I chose this fifties style floral dress to wear with it for a day at home studying. Hope every is having a good Monday.

Kate xx

Friday, 5 April 2013

How to: Create Knitted Flowers

This is follow up post from my knitted flowers I posted a week or so ago. When I posted them I was asked if I had a pattern for them. Priya at Perfectly Priya also suggested pinning them onto a headband to make a floral crown. So I thought " why not kill 2 birds with one stone" (that may be a weird English phrase I'm not sure), and do a post that included both of these idea.

For the flower with loopy petals i.e the purple and little pale flower on my headband
with 4mm needles, cast on 100 stitches
row 1: Knit 1, * cast of 12 stitches, knit 1. then repeat from * to last stitch, Knit 1.
Run a thread through the remaining stitches, pull tightly and fasten off.

For the other style of flower
Again use 4mm needles, cast on 7 stitches
Knit 3 rows
Row 4: Knit 3, with the left needle lift the second, third and fourth stitches that you have just worked over the first stitch
Row: 5 Knit
Row 6: Cast on 3 stitches so you are left with 7 stitches overall
Row 7: Knit
This creates one petal so repeat rows 1-7 five more times. On the last repeat finish on row 5. Cast off. Thread a length of yarn along the straight edge and pull tightly. Sew the seam.

The first flower is really simple so probably best to have a go at first. I learnt to make these with my Grandma who is patient with my knitting skills but honestly within a few minutes I could make these quite easily. I have changed the pattern slightly to make it a bit easier as well. The pattern was originally found at If you need any other help contact me.
This is what I wore with my new flower crown. I must admit I made this quickly so I just used some brooches to attach the flowers to the band. It does mean that I can easily take them off though and I quite like how it turned out. It's a bit mismatched and I have to say very me!

I got this bag as a present for my birthday. Doesn't it just have the most adorable bird print? And, for more practical people, is roomy and has plenty of pockets.

Hope this is helpful and please let me know if you need more info
Kate xx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Beautiful End to Yesterday

This was the beautiful sunset last night. I spent yesterday catching up with lots of revision so going outside to capture this at the end of the day was perfect. Although it was bitterly cold and I think I was probably a couple of minutes late for the most impressive moments of the sunset.
I have to say I love living in the countryside for moments just like these when I can see for miles and it's so flat the skies seem endless and the sky blooms into all the colours of the rainbow. It is just beautiful and I would stayed out there longer to just gaze at it but I could no longer feel my fingers!
Kate xx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My Filmic Easter

My Easter weekend pretty much comprised of watching films and eating sweet treats, not that I'm complaining! I thought I'd give you a quick run down of the films I have watched and perhaps a comment or two on them. But first I must say: I am not a great film watcher and don't really have that much knowledge so I watch films for enjoyment. Therefore my comments may be way off but it's just what I thought.

1. Brave

I loved this one. I know it's a Disney film and it should be for children but this was just so good. I loved how a female was portrayed as the hero and was strong and independent.

2. What to Expect When You're Expecting

All I can say is this is such a chick flick. It follows several couples which all link in the story. This is my favourite kind of story for a chick flick (and also books).

3. Saw 2

This is not my sort of film at all. I'm really not into horror so my friends witty comments and some lovely creme egg chocolate brownie got me through this one.

4. The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery

A classic film I have seen so many times but somehow doesn't get old. Lots of funny bits and a good story. Great to see this was made in England too.

5. Grease

What can I say other than get me Sandy's outfits. Well perhaps not the "You're the one that I want" outfit. Watched this with Mum and we were both singing along. Real feel good.

I've had such a good Easter weekend. Any suggestions for other films I should watch?
Kate xx

Monday, 1 April 2013

Reflecting and Looking Forward

A quick reflect on March before we power on into April.
March was great!

I had a great birthday spent with my friends eating at a lovely tea shop.

I watched some of my friends perform in a very professional school production of Beauty and the Beast.

I have also fitted in some baking.
Away from my blog I finished my cricket coaching course until the summer. I have my assessment day in June which I'm really excited about. I am now on my Easter holidays.

And here we go into April and all the things I am looking forward to this month:

  1. Going to see Fun. play live
2. my best friends birthday and the exciting celebration we are having for it.
3. The start of the cricket season. Less than 3 weeks away so the weather had better improve.
4. Going for a posh afternoon tea. How quintessentially English.

What is April going to bring you?
Kate xx

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter chocolatey baking

Easter is such an ideal time to do lots of baking for family and friends. I had seen lots of photos of these creme egg brownies on the internet in the lead up to Easter and knew I had to make some. I made these with my friends whilst on a film watching day. They made a wonderful interlude to watching and eating them was also great! We had ours warm out of the oven with ice cream but they would have been great cold with a hot chocolate (read tea if you like).

 They were SO chocolaty! So a small piece was quite adequate. Rich and umptious (may have made that word up) thay made the perfect antidote to a scary film.

I also made some simple crispy cakes with cherries in but unfortunately these were wolfed down before I had a chance to photograph them so you'll just have to imagine them in their cute pastel polka dot cases.

Have a lovely Easter everyone
Kate xx

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Today's Mission

I am currently living with one pair of turquoise trousers and much as I tell myself they do, they don't go with everything. This is a problem as in the blustery weather we are currently having a skirt just isn't practical everyday. So my mission today was simple: buy one (or more) pair of normal boring jeans. I guess your already getting my feelings about jeans here. I just find them a bit bland and don't really know how they work for me.

So I took inspiration from the blogging world:
I love how feminine this outfit is with the cute peplum lace top.

Erica from Sweets and Hearts
Those jeans are amazing. Such a pop of colour!
Kaylah from The Dainty Squid
Kaylah has such a cute cat jumper and I love the layering of the shirt.
Rachel from Rachel the Hat
Such a colourful outfit and I am so jealous of the red duffel coat.

Armed with research I popped into town to see if I could find any jeans. This turned out to be much harder than I thought as manufacturers don't seem to make jeans to fit any women. I think I may have tried on every pair in the town. Some fitted fine on my legs and were too small round my waist while some were way too big. Some were tight on my calves but not on my thighs.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this an absolute nightmare or I may just have to run back to my dresses!

P.S. The one good thing to come out of this was a beautiful charity shop find - a pure cotton white and navy over the knee skirt.

Kate xx