Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter chocolatey baking

Easter is such an ideal time to do lots of baking for family and friends. I had seen lots of photos of these creme egg brownies on the internet in the lead up to Easter and knew I had to make some. I made these with my friends whilst on a film watching day. They made a wonderful interlude to watching and eating them was also great! We had ours warm out of the oven with ice cream but they would have been great cold with a hot chocolate (read tea if you like).

 They were SO chocolaty! So a small piece was quite adequate. Rich and umptious (may have made that word up) thay made the perfect antidote to a scary film.

I also made some simple crispy cakes with cherries in but unfortunately these were wolfed down before I had a chance to photograph them so you'll just have to imagine them in their cute pastel polka dot cases.

Have a lovely Easter everyone
Kate xx

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Today's Mission

I am currently living with one pair of turquoise trousers and much as I tell myself they do, they don't go with everything. This is a problem as in the blustery weather we are currently having a skirt just isn't practical everyday. So my mission today was simple: buy one (or more) pair of normal boring jeans. I guess your already getting my feelings about jeans here. I just find them a bit bland and don't really know how they work for me.

So I took inspiration from the blogging world:
I love how feminine this outfit is with the cute peplum lace top.

Erica from Sweets and Hearts
Those jeans are amazing. Such a pop of colour!
Kaylah from The Dainty Squid
Kaylah has such a cute cat jumper and I love the layering of the shirt.
Rachel from Rachel the Hat
Such a colourful outfit and I am so jealous of the red duffel coat.

Armed with research I popped into town to see if I could find any jeans. This turned out to be much harder than I thought as manufacturers don't seem to make jeans to fit any women. I think I may have tried on every pair in the town. Some fitted fine on my legs and were too small round my waist while some were way too big. Some were tight on my calves but not on my thighs.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds this an absolute nightmare or I may just have to run back to my dresses!

P.S. The one good thing to come out of this was a beautiful charity shop find - a pure cotton white and navy over the knee skirt.

Kate xx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

If spring won't give you flowers, knit some

As you can tell I am completely pining spring. I am totally over all this cold weather and snow we've been having. So I thought if mother nature won't play nice and give me flowers then I'd better just make some myself.

My Grandma is totally awesome and taught me to knit. I have to say I don't do an awful lot of it but I think it's something I would like to do more of. She found me the pattern for these flowers (there are 2 different designs in case my photography is that bad you can't tell) and honestly they were really easy for a novice like me to do.

Also they are really useful! Currently I have pinned them to clothing like a brooch and put them in my hair. I also sewed buttons in the centre of some of them to create the middle of the flower.

I love creating things I can wear so if anyone has anymore nice easy but beautiful makes then let me know
Kate xx

Friday, 22 March 2013

And Breathe...

So I've been really quiet for a while because I've had a massive piece of chemistry coursework to do. However I finished that yesterday and breathed a sigh of relief. Sometimes you can get really worked up about something and afterwards you feel exhausted.

So here is how I decided to make myself feel a little better. I took my really cute sprocker spaniel Ben out for a walk (although it's freezing here).

I keep looking out for the signs of spring in the hope that it will hurry itself up. So here you can see some daffodils just about to burst in bloom. Unfortunately though snow is forecast for tonight and tomorrow so lots of layering is in order.

I got home and decided that this was the best thing for it!

So I drank hot chocolate, ate Black Magic and listened to Test Match Special. A perfect evening.  Kate xx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Doodlings of a girl who refuses to get bored 1.

When I have some spare time one of the things I love to do is just take out some paper and a biro and let my mind wander. It usually ends up with something that has very little composition or direction but seems very personal to me. I love that time as it allows me to think about anything and everything whilst being just a little bit creative.

How do you let your mind wander and let your creativity out even for just a few minutes?

Kate xx

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Birthday!

My birthday was last week but I only seem to have just got round to looking through the photos. I had a really memorable day with my friends and family which ended with a surprise visit to a teashop for afternoon tea. I am so proud of my friends for keeping this a surprise as they are honestly not great at this. I had a bacon, brie and redcurrant jelly toasted sandwich, which I had never had before but was amazing. Then to finish I had such a scrummy moist chocolate brownie. Unfortunately no photos of the event as we were having much to good a time.

This is the birthday cake my Grandma made me. This is a bit of tradition in my household and I've had all manner of cakes from hot air balloons to footballs. She is the person that really got me into baking and stood beside me while I made a crazy mess of her kitchen!

You can also see the cake stand that me and Mum found in a box in the side board. I immediately loved it. It's so beautiful so we decided it should really be put into use for my cake.
Look at the beautiful cut glass detail!

Overall I had a great birthday thanks to my wonderful family and friends

Kate xx

Friday, 15 March 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like spring!

I'm hoping you can see what I can see in this photo - a whole bank of primroses! My blog is all about appreciating little things around us so when I saw these as I was walking my dog I had to stop and take a photo. This shows spring is coming and makes me hopeful.
It was a beautiful day and a nice break from the random snow we've had recently. What are you looking forward to this spring? I'm hoping for more days were I can go for walks without millions of layers of clothing and not having to wear and coat. And of course the other beautiful wild flowers that are around in the spring. It must nearly be time for a few daffodils.

And here's a cute photo of my crazy dog Ben.
Kate xx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The sun is out so I wear prints

So I have to say I'm pretty annoyed I didn't get a good photo of my outfit today. I have recently acquired this top from a jumble sale and as the sun was out today I thought it an ideal opportunity to wear! I love anything with a colourful print so I was immediately drawn to this and was a complete bargain at 2 pounds. I wore it simply with a black vest, black belt and denim skirt. As you can just see in this photo I have a silver leaf motif necklace on. I love this necklace as I believe it goes with everything (you can disagree). Another bargain as this was from Oxfam shop. I love clothes and jewellery bargains and on a tight budget they are a great way to update your wardrobe. This was a really good jumble sale so I'm sure I will be sharing more of my finds soon.

Has anyone else got some amazing bargains. It would great if you could share them.
Kate xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tale as old as Time

So you may remember me saying I was really looking forward to loads of things this month. Well this was one of them. My school put on an amazing run of performances of Beauty and the Beast. Several of my friends were on stage, in the orchestra or helping with the organising. I have to firstly draw your attention to the poster for the show above which one of my amazingly talented friends painted. Nextly I have to just run down all the wonderful things that happened in the play:
  1. My beautiful best friend started of proceedings as the narrator and I was very proud of course.
  2. There was fire, smoke and pirotechnics!! All very exciting.
  3. Some very cute children as teacups and spoons
  4. And some hilarious backstage videos uploaded to youtube including the Harlem shake.
I throughly enjoyed a very professional and talented cast putting on a great show but also they thanked the teachers that had helped them warmly.

I have lots more news from the past few days which I will let you know soon

Kate xx

Friday, 1 March 2013

Looking forward to March

How is it suddenly March already? This year is storming along just when I'd like it to slow down so I can really appreciate my last year at sixth form until I go off into the big wide world. This is an exciting but really scary time as I don't quite know what I'm doing next academic year (I'll let you all know when I do!) and I need to work really hard at my studies.

However I also have lots of other exciting things to do this month so these are the things on my to-do list:

  1. Have a great 18th Birthday with both my friends and family
  2. Start a big crafting project. I want this to be something that will remind me of my last year at sixth form. Any ideas?
  3. Bake lots of lovely morsels
  4. Introduce as many of my friends to charity shop shopping as I can.
Things I am looking forward to:
  1. Surprisingly top of this list too is my birthday!
  2. Seeing my friends perform in the musical of "Beauty and the Beast". They keep telling me their not playing the beast but I'm not sure I believe them!
  3. The start of spring and the lovely outfits that come with it. Hopefully this will show through in everyone's blog posts.
  4. Finishing my coaching course until the summer
  5. The start of the cricket season.
What will this month bring for everyone else?
Kate xx