Saturday, 23 March 2013

If spring won't give you flowers, knit some

As you can tell I am completely pining spring. I am totally over all this cold weather and snow we've been having. So I thought if mother nature won't play nice and give me flowers then I'd better just make some myself.

My Grandma is totally awesome and taught me to knit. I have to say I don't do an awful lot of it but I think it's something I would like to do more of. She found me the pattern for these flowers (there are 2 different designs in case my photography is that bad you can't tell) and honestly they were really easy for a novice like me to do.

Also they are really useful! Currently I have pinned them to clothing like a brooch and put them in my hair. I also sewed buttons in the centre of some of them to create the middle of the flower.

I love creating things I can wear so if anyone has anymore nice easy but beautiful makes then let me know
Kate xx


  1. These are super cute! And you can definitely tell that there are two different types. I love knitting, do you happen to have a link or anything for the pattern for these?

    Sita xx

    1. Hi Sita
      Sorry it's been so long but I've finally got a post up with the pattern on:
      Let me know how you get on
      Kate xx

  2. I'll have a dig about and get back to you on that. I make these without looking at the pattern anymore.
    Kate xx

  3. I love these! Really cute idea to wear them as brooches and in your hair. You should pin a few to a headband, that would make an adorable floral crown! I'm so jealous that you can knit, I don't have the patience to do any of those kind of crafts! These will make awesome gifts too! Thank you for coming by my blog and your sweet comment!

    perfectly priya

  4. your sense of good taste is definitely amazing!
    so, as youll know loving your blog

    hope youll follow back :)