Monday, 15 April 2013

How to: make a knitted bow brooch

This is another amzingly quick and simple knitted project. This is one of those projects that you can complete whilst watching your favourite television program. I wanted to make a bow brooch as bows are cute and really feminine. I had this wool left over so I thought I would give this a go and just see what came out the other end. I'm going to say I made this up but you'll see how simple it is and realise it doesn't involve a lot of imagination! As always any questions just give me a shout.

To make this you need 4mm needles and some scrap yarn you have lying around.
First cast on 50 stitches.
Row 1 knit the full 50 stitches.
Row 2 knit the full 50 stitches.
Row 3 cast off the full 50 stitches.
Tidy the ends up so you have a long thin piece of knitting.
Then simply tie the bow. I have found that if you omit the knot from the back of the bow it makes the brooch less bulky.

I feel embarrased at how easy this is! Anyway after that you can secure a brooch fastening to the back or just pin it onto clothing.

I chose this fifties style floral dress to wear with it for a day at home studying. Hope every is having a good Monday.

Kate xx

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