Monday, 24 June 2013

Before I die... or at least before the end of the summer

Ok so there is many excuses for my long absense and actually most of them are reasonable. I have been concentrating on my school work as I know I needed to work really hard in order to get to the uni I want to. Anyway I have been revising like a crazy women so my life has been a whirlwind of coloured pens mindmaps etc. (as an aside: Isn't revision just such a good excuse to use all of your cool stationary). Anyway so that all changed the day before yesterday when I finally finished my last exam. I'd love to say I was excited but actually I was just relieved it was all over. I was getting really worked up about the exams and having to work really hard all the time. But the reward of this summer is going to be great.

That brings me on to this summer. I have been thinking a lot about bucket lists recently and saw this great project.

This is a worldwide project where people share their aspirations on large boards in public places. I found the responses so inspiring and decided that I wanted to make sure this summer was one I would remember and would use it in a creative way.

Therefore I hope to document this summer that I have appreciated every day, accomplished the things I want to and been creative.

It would be great to here the things you want to do before you die ... or even before the end of summer (because it's just as good to have short term goals and long term ones).

Kate xx

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