Friday, 29 November 2013

Feeling Thankful

I know that yesterday was Thanksgiving in America and while over here we don't celebrate it (possibly harvest festival is the closest thing) it really got me thinking. Because I moan a lot! I don't mean to and I try hard not to becuase I know there are so many things to be thankful for. So this post is all about what we should be thankful for and grateful for and appreciate every single day. I have 4 major things I am thankful for:

1. My amazing friends. I miss them so much at the minute because many of them are away at university so I am incredibly grateful that they remain my friends through everything and that it is only a couple of weeks until they all come home and festivities can begin. I feel that is when Christmas will really start for me!

2. My family who have been mega supportive through all my choices this year. I think I have sent them down some merry paths with going to Uni, then not and getting a job. However they have been there throughout it all and I'm still living here which I am extremely thankful for.

3. My job. I know I was extremely lucky to find a job that I enjoying doing so much in such a short space of time. I love the variety of the job (working with a range of ages and abilities in lots of diferent sports, the people I work with (who have been really supportive and great fun) and most of all the job itself which I'm loving! I am thankful that there will be extra opportunities in the new year which I will grab with both hands!

4. My Gorgeous Dog, Ben. Everyday he greets me with lots of love and cuddles. He has so much energy that it is impossible to not smile at him.

But everyday I like to remember all the little things I am thankful for:
- Having the best 12 hour sleep last night which really recharged me and I've woken up energetic and ready for today.
- The beautiful colours of autumn
- my snuggly dressing gown that has had to make an appearance.
- little notes that my Mum leaves me every morning before she goes to work.

There is lots to be thankful for and I will remember this. What are you thankful for?

p.s. sorry about lack of photos in my past few posts. I don't seem to be able to upload any. If anyone has any helpful knowledge on this it would be greatly appreciated!

Kate xx

Friday, 22 November 2013

Ways to be Productive

Now I'm working I have to be productive. There can be no procrastination, or maybe just minimal procrastination. The problem is I am very good at wiling away hours without getting much done. So I am trying really hard to keep myself focused so that I have time to do the things I want to do too.

1. Use my diary I decided that my new year's resolution this year would be to use a diary. Not to write about my everyday life just to organise myself. This really worked over my exams in the summer and now it's coming into it's own bearling in mind that everyday I'm working somewhere different and I have to know that I have planned the sessions. I make sure all my hours are logged in there andit helps me look forwards and see what I'm doing next week. It sounds really simple but works for me.

2. Organisation My this I mean make sure you know where things are. I've left school but I still have plently of folders and notebooks to keep things in. But make sure each notebook/ folder has a purpose and you know exactly what is in it. For example I have one folder that goes everywhere with me. It has all the paperwork I might need to run my sessions - plans,registers etc. I will never leave anything behind becuase it's all in folder. Woe betide me if I leave that at home! I also have separate notebooks for each thing I'm doing. So work plans go in one, cricket club in another, county in another.I know where everything should be so less confusion happens (hopefully).

3. I write a list Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is write a list of what needs completeing that day. It can be all the completely mundane taskes that need doing like peeling the potatoes for tea, but the satisfaction of knowing you've done it and can tick it off means it's more likely to get done. It also means I can't forget an all important task I need to do for the day as it's all on the list. I can't sing the praises of this simple idea enough as it really focuses my energies and everything gets done.

These three simple measures are so easy to impliment into daily life and just allow you to be a bit more productive.

Have you got any tips because I always need them?!
Kate xxx

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Sporadic Blogger

I'm a sporadic blogger. I have fits and bursts of blogging and times when my life just gets in the way. And I've decided that's ok becuase blogging is what you want it to be.

So here is a round up of what's happened in my life since I last was able to take two minutes to have a chat:

I am loving my job! You might remember I got a job coaching sports in primary schools. Well my hours are steadily increasing which means I get to do more of a range of sports. I'm currently taking classes in dodgeball, football, hockey, dance and my favoured cricket. But that's not all, the company is moving into doing more work in performing arts and my collegue and I have been chosen to move this forwards. Therefore last week I qualified as an arts award advisor and assessor. If you're not familiar with the arts award take a look at their website. Basically the award allows young people/ children to explore all forms of the arts and their own creativity. It's such a good project and I look forward to delivering it!

I'm also looking forward to Christmas when many of my friends get back from University. I have missed them so much and I look forward to seeing them crazy folks and having lots of festive events. The chill has just hit (she says as she sits with her dressing gown over her slothes becuase it's so cold) so it's starting to feel a lot more festive round here. I even found myself singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" yesterday.

But there is also exciting things in the here and now. They may be little things but they make my day just that little bit brighter:
- Seeing a beautiful rainbow right across the sky when driving yesterday
- Waking up to a frost which makes swirling patterns on the roof of my car
- How it really feels like autumn now the trees have finally reached shades of fiery reds, oranges and brown.
- How good cheese on toast is when you come in from the cold
- Getting back into knitting
- Ending each day with a hot chocolate made with the best invention ever - the Horlicks masher!

I know many of the things I mention are to do with the weather but the weather is around us all the time affecting us. And it is a cliche but in England we do seem to talk about the weather a lot!

How's life in your world?
Kate xxx