Thursday, 30 January 2014

52 Lists: Five

52 Lists: List your favourite quotes

I have admit that off the top of my head I couldn't think of any quotes but I did know that I had a board on Pinterest for just this purpose. So the quotes here are mostly taken from here.Unfortunately this means I don't know who said all quotes so if you do please let me know.

This really relates to the decisions I have made in the past few months.

I constantly am pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Yes some days I have sleepless nights over the work I have to do the next day but it turns out ok and I have learnt so much from it.

One of the things my mum always used to say to me when I was younger is "everyone is good at different things, you don't have to be good at everything".

Such good advice from an 8 year old!

My friend and I always say this to each other. Before I even knew who said it before us!
What are your favourite quotes? Please let me know
Kate xx

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Liebster Award

As I woke up yesterday morning I saw I had a tweet from the lovely Nadine at AfroBritChick. She has nominated me for a Leibster award. Ok so I may have got just a little bit excited because it shows someone actually reads and, dare I say it, likes what I write. Anyway I didn't have a clue what the Liebster award was so here's what I have found out. It's an award given from blogger to blogger where you are given 11 questions to answer. I then chose another 11 bloggers to pose another 11 questions too. 11 seems to be a key number here! Anyway sounds simple so shall we begin?

1.     What inspired you to start blogging?
I had been reading blogs for a while and loved the sharing of lots of creative ideas. I wanted to share mine and it gave me an excuse to do a lot more baking, crafting and generally making a mess!

2.     What is your lifetime ambition?
To be happy in whatever I do. I remember when I was younger there was a dress up day at school with the theme what I want to be when I grow up. I went in with a massive T-shirt that I had drawn a big smiley face on. When the teacher asked I said, "When I grow up I want to be happy".

3.     What is your favourite saying? 
"Don't make a mountain out of a molehill" and other funny little sayings that my Grandma says.

4.     How long does it take you to get ready on a normal day?
About 10 minutes! I'm so low maintenance it's unbelievable. Literally all I do is jump out of bed, get dressed, brush through my hair and grab something to eat in the car.

5.     What are you most passionate about?
I am passionate about cricket. I'm passionate about introducing and developing sports and active lifestyles to children. I am passionate about my family. I am passionate about creativity. My sentence structures have taken all passion out of this question... sorry.

6.     What are you listening to at the moment?
Don't laugh... The Lion King soundtrack. My friend made me the CD after I'd been to see the show in the west end and absolutely loved it. Something I would completely recommend!

7.     What is your best childhood memory?
This memory is very vague but happy nonetheless: I remember walking down a road holding my Dad's hand. I must have been very young because I looked up and my Dad looked so tall. The sun was setting and he sat me on his shoulders.

8.     Where would you like to visit that you haven’t already?
Paris, Venice, Aberdeen, The new little tea shop in my home town, the list could go on

9.     Hot or cold?
Cold. I hate beginning too hot and sticky and if it's cold it means i can wrap myself in plenty of layers to keep warm. To be honest I prefer somewhere in the middle. Yes, I'm going to sit on the fence and say that autumn and spring are my favourite seasons for this reason.

10.   When you are feeling down what do you do to lift your spirits?
Cuddles with my dog, sip hot chocolate (with marshmallows), ring a friend, bake a cake, put on an upbeat song and have a boogie (I realise using the word boogie makes me sound about 80, pop in to see my Grandma, have a cry (sometimes letting it all out is good), draw something

11.    Who is your favourite Disney character?
The princess in Brave (Merida) because I love that she's such a strong independent woman and a great role model for children. And also I would love that hair!

I nominate:

My questions for you, ladies, are:

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  2. What is your favourite food?
  3. What is the thing you are most proud of?
  4. What 3 things could you not do without?
  5. When you are feeling down what do you do to lift your spirits?
  6. Why do you blog?
  7. What and/or who inspires you?
  8. What is your ideal day off?
  9. What are you listening to right now?
  10. What's your favourite season?
  11. What makes you laugh the most?
I have to say I did steal a few of the questions set for me but they were good questions and I wanted to see what you came up with. Thank you once again to Nadine for nominating me and I look forward to seeing what you lovely ladies answer.
Kate xx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Never sit in the comfy chair

I found this lovely comfy-looking chair on the Next Website. I also feel this chair has a look of wisdom to it which is quite appropriate to the post.

Last night I remembered something that my friend told me was his new years resolution. On new years eve we all discussed our resolutions (although this was done in a pub so wasn't the most serious conversation I've ever had). His new years resolution struck a chord with me because he simply said "this year I won't be sitting in the comfy chair".

I suppose as people we all love to stay in the metaphorical comfy chair because it's what we know and in most cases it's easier. It involves less effort and therefore it's the lazy way out. I'm not saying I'm perfect at this because I think we're all a little bit guilty of sticking to what we know and letting life drift past.

But life is all about new opportunities. To do that we have extract ourselves from the comfy chair, take off our granny blanket and slippers and go out and seize the day. There are so many new and exciting people meet and places to be. Everyday there are new things to learn and see. You can't see all this from the comfy chair indoors. That's like saying I've never seen the bottom of my garden because I've not got myself out of the comfy chair.

When was the last thing you did something for the first time? When was the last time you jumped out of that comfy chair with enthusiasm?

Kate xx

Monday, 20 January 2014

52 Lists: Four

52 Lists: List the things that remind you of home

  1. Untidiness: My house is an absolute nightmare. Whenever I try to tidy it looks good for about 2 days then the clutter invades again. 
  2.  Drinking hot chocolate out of my favourite mug that I've had for years.
  3. A good roast with batter puddings and lashings of gravy
  4. The cricket commentary. I spend hours doing work listening to it.
  5. Ben (my gorgeous sprocker spaniel) jumping up to greet me when I get home
  6. Cooking dinner with my friends
I feel just as much at home at my Grandma's house so I thought I'd let you know what reminds me of there too:
  1. Wagon wheels are something that is always in the cupboard and always offered nearly as soon as I've got in the door.
  2. The smell of baking
  3. A half-done jigsaw on the table
  4. A bucket of vegetables that have been just dug up from the garden
Here I have just written a few things but I think that a home is somewhere you can be completely comfortable in yourself, you are around the people you love and you feel loved.

Kate xx

Friday, 17 January 2014

One Year

Who knew! I've been blogging for a whole year!

That crept up really fast and it was only this morning when I was looking through some old post that I realised exactly one year ago today, when it was cold and snowy, I put my first rambling up here for you lot.

Since then I have rambled quite a lot. Spent periods where I didn't manage to post that much and had a complete change in my life. Somehow in all of that I have managed a mighty 50 posts. It so nice that these 2 landmarks came at once!

A year ago I was looking for something a bit different. I love crafting, baking and appreciating little things but I had no creative outlet for this. This blog gave me that and an excuse for making a huge mess when I felt like creating something. It also gave me somewhere to ramble to my hearts content (my family would tell you I need no encouragement).

This year has seen so much change as you will know if you've read some of my other posts. However it's all good change and yesterday I found out that I would be teaching the most amazing arts award program next month. I'm looking forward to sharing my love of the arts, specifically contemporary dance but you can bet I'll try and get as much crafting in as possible, with the children. I hope that my optimism and enthusiasm however blind it is will rub off on them. If I inspire the next generation of bloggers and creatives then a job will definitely be done.

I will leave you with something I saw on Nadine's Blog AfroBritChick. Because life is never all plain sailing.
So: "All I will say to you is that when life gives you limes rearrange the letters and smile!"

I look forward to the next year with you guys
Kate xx

Any Number of Names

So this week I have taught 80 new children and we still have one more day to go of the week. I suppose this is what I get from a new term and a job that moves me around new schools all the time. However, keeping hold of all their names is hard going. I mean last week I left the notebook with all of my plans for this week in a school (thankfully it's back and order is restored) so you can tell I need help with my name memory!

This is not just in my job. Have you ever got to the point were you know someone quite well but you have a complete blank of what there name is? It's now way too impolite to ask them as you should know. But what if you have to say their name? Bit Awkward.

So that's what my crazy week has been about. Thank goodness it's Friday though. What have you been up to this week?

Kate xx

Please note all names used in the above photo are not children that I teach but merely an excuse for me to try my hand at a few fonts.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

52 List: Three

52 Lists: List the things you do on a rainy day

  1. Drink hot chocolate. My go-to drink!
  2. Read a book or three. I read books for pleasure (I love a good romance) but also I like to learn from them as well.
  3. Endlessly scroll through Pinterest. 
  4. Curl up in a duvet or my lovely fleecy pyjamas. 
  5. (believe it or not) Go to the beach. I love how wild the sea can be.
  6. Visit my grandma. I love to spend hours chatting with her in her cosy living room.
  7. I have been known to play cricket in the rain! But that's not a great one when you're wearing white!
  8. Doodle. Just pick up a pen and let my mind wander. 
I love hearing your lists so do send me the links below. 
And again go check out Ema's blog at Made in Hunters. She has created these wonderful list topics and brightens my Mondays with an email and a topic.

Kate xx

Saturday, 11 January 2014

How Thoughtful

I just rediscovered this present which I got given in the summer by a family friend. It's such a useful and thoughtful present because it fits in so well with my goals this year. I intend to put all of my 52 list in this beautiful notebook. Then I will have this to look back on for the year. The sticky notes (which are cute patterns) will be perfect for writing down all my memories for my memory jar. And finally who doesn't love writing in a lovely coloured pen. It definitely brightens up whatever I'm doing. I love new stationary!

But the best thing about this gift is the card, which simply says "Good luck with whatever you do next year".
This is what I'd like to say to you as well. I know we are already 11 days into the new year but Good Luck and I wish you every success!

Kate xx

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Day Off

For Christmas I got given these really cute stamps. I love how they came with their own little tray and ink so it was an easy craft to get stuck into. Today I had a day off so I decided to see how well they worked. So after a lovely lazy morning reading (Jessica Ennis' Autobiography is a great read) I decided to get these out. Although I know the mustaches would make a great pattern on their own I made it a little more creative by giving each one a little cartoon face.
And of course milk and cookies made this afternoon even more enjoyable and childish.
I think these stamps would make really great wrapping paper or really a pattern on anything!
Kate xx

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

52 Lists: Two

52 Lists: List your favourite moments of 2013

  1. Passing my driving test: It has just given me so much more freedom
  2. Passing my level 2 cricket coaching: It's something I have been waiting to do for a couple of years and I enjoy coaching so much. It has also lead to many other things. For Example - 
  3. Becoming a county coach: It was really nice to have the recognition of my coaching and all the hours I have put into it. Excited but apprehensive to start coaching this Sunday.
  4. Getting my first job out of Sixth Form: Again a lot of stress and apprehension about this one at the time but I'm really proud of myself for getting this job in a short space of time. I know I am very lucky and will continue to work hard in it.
  5. The day I was brave enough to make the right decision for me!
52 lists was created by Ema who blogs at Made in Hunters. Go and check her out.
Kate xx

Friday, 3 January 2014

52 Lists: One

52 Lists: List Your Goals For The Year

Before I start listing, I recommend you go and have a look at Emma's post over on Made in Hunters. She explains her reasoning behind starting this little project which basically has a list heading for each week of the year. Whilst you're there do have a mosey about, Emma has some stunning photography. So here goes the first:

1. Organisation: If you have read my blog recently you will know that my buzz word for the year is organisation. It will help keep on top of everything whilst still having time for myself.
2. Jar of Memories: There are so many moments in your life that can slip past so capturing these in a nice simple way is something I want to focus on.
3. Road Trip: I've always wanted to go on a road trip and since passing my test last year there just hasn't been time so this is the year.
4. Learn: I might not have gone to university but that doesn't mean my education has finished. I need to use every opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge.
5. Move out: This one might not be a goal for the year but it's a definite goal for the future. I want to be able to be independent so moving out is what I want to do down the line.

If you fancy joining in, and I know how much bloggers love lists (well I do), do go and have a look at Emma's blog and link back. I'd love to see your lists.
Kate xx 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

...A New One just Begun

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I had a quiet family Christmas then spent new year with friends in a pub with some lovely, friendly Mancunians. Every New year we all hope to be a better person . We say we will lose weight, get fit etc. I want to do things that will enhance my life not chose to stop doing things. Therefore I want to share with you a few things that I look forward to doing in 2014.

Firstly I saw this on Pinterest (you can follow me here ) earlier this month and completely love the idea of recording my memories of the year. I know a lot of people use a diary or journal but my diary is just for keeping me organised and never has great memories stored within it. I need something quick and simple that I won't tell myself I don't have time for so this looks perfect. It makes me look forward to all the amazing things that I can write about in that jar and the everyday wonders as well. I know that I will probably cry when I open it on New Years Eve next year, because I am that soppy!

However my main aim this year is to be more organised! This is going to be such a tricky one for me as I'm hopeless at knowing what's is going on when. However, this year I shall be holding down 3 part time jobs, hoping to spend time with family and friends and coaching a county cricket team. Therefore this all takes time management to the extreme. It also has millions of pieces of paper to lose. Plus I'd like to have time to blog and be creative. So organisation is going to be key this year. I have already shared with you a post with my current organisational techniques. Next year I will increase these. The diary was so good last year that this year I've got 2! One is a day per page one where I will keep all my appointments with timings in. This will stay at home and means I can also add notes for the day and to do lists. My other one is much smaller and has the week on a double page spread. This I will carry around with me at all times so I know if anyone asks what I'm doing. This is so useful in meetings or arranging things with friends.

I feel I may have to grab all the stationary I have as folders are going to be a necessity, but I think the one word organisation will allow me to have a successful and happy year. I love goal and resolution posts so lease let me know yours.

Kate xx