Tuesday, 14 January 2014

52 List: Three

52 Lists: List the things you do on a rainy day

  1. Drink hot chocolate. My go-to drink!
  2. Read a book or three. I read books for pleasure (I love a good romance) but also I like to learn from them as well.
  3. Endlessly scroll through Pinterest. 
  4. Curl up in a duvet or my lovely fleecy pyjamas. 
  5. (believe it or not) Go to the beach. I love how wild the sea can be.
  6. Visit my grandma. I love to spend hours chatting with her in her cosy living room.
  7. I have been known to play cricket in the rain! But that's not a great one when you're wearing white!
  8. Doodle. Just pick up a pen and let my mind wander. 
I love hearing your lists so do send me the links below. 
And again go check out Ema's blog at Made in Hunters. She has created these wonderful list topics and brightens my Mondays with an email and a topic.

Kate xx

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