Tuesday, 7 January 2014

52 Lists: Two

52 Lists: List your favourite moments of 2013

  1. Passing my driving test: It has just given me so much more freedom
  2. Passing my level 2 cricket coaching: It's something I have been waiting to do for a couple of years and I enjoy coaching so much. It has also lead to many other things. For Example - 
  3. Becoming a county coach: It was really nice to have the recognition of my coaching and all the hours I have put into it. Excited but apprehensive to start coaching this Sunday.
  4. Getting my first job out of Sixth Form: Again a lot of stress and apprehension about this one at the time but I'm really proud of myself for getting this job in a short space of time. I know I am very lucky and will continue to work hard in it.
  5. The day I was brave enough to make the right decision for me!
52 lists was created by Ema who blogs at Made in Hunters. Go and check her out.
Kate xx

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