Thursday, 2 January 2014

...A New One just Begun

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I had a quiet family Christmas then spent new year with friends in a pub with some lovely, friendly Mancunians. Every New year we all hope to be a better person . We say we will lose weight, get fit etc. I want to do things that will enhance my life not chose to stop doing things. Therefore I want to share with you a few things that I look forward to doing in 2014.

Firstly I saw this on Pinterest (you can follow me here ) earlier this month and completely love the idea of recording my memories of the year. I know a lot of people use a diary or journal but my diary is just for keeping me organised and never has great memories stored within it. I need something quick and simple that I won't tell myself I don't have time for so this looks perfect. It makes me look forward to all the amazing things that I can write about in that jar and the everyday wonders as well. I know that I will probably cry when I open it on New Years Eve next year, because I am that soppy!

However my main aim this year is to be more organised! This is going to be such a tricky one for me as I'm hopeless at knowing what's is going on when. However, this year I shall be holding down 3 part time jobs, hoping to spend time with family and friends and coaching a county cricket team. Therefore this all takes time management to the extreme. It also has millions of pieces of paper to lose. Plus I'd like to have time to blog and be creative. So organisation is going to be key this year. I have already shared with you a post with my current organisational techniques. Next year I will increase these. The diary was so good last year that this year I've got 2! One is a day per page one where I will keep all my appointments with timings in. This will stay at home and means I can also add notes for the day and to do lists. My other one is much smaller and has the week on a double page spread. This I will carry around with me at all times so I know if anyone asks what I'm doing. This is so useful in meetings or arranging things with friends.

I feel I may have to grab all the stationary I have as folders are going to be a necessity, but I think the one word organisation will allow me to have a successful and happy year. I love goal and resolution posts so lease let me know yours.

Kate xx

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