Friday, 17 January 2014

Any Number of Names

So this week I have taught 80 new children and we still have one more day to go of the week. I suppose this is what I get from a new term and a job that moves me around new schools all the time. However, keeping hold of all their names is hard going. I mean last week I left the notebook with all of my plans for this week in a school (thankfully it's back and order is restored) so you can tell I need help with my name memory!

This is not just in my job. Have you ever got to the point were you know someone quite well but you have a complete blank of what there name is? It's now way too impolite to ask them as you should know. But what if you have to say their name? Bit Awkward.

So that's what my crazy week has been about. Thank goodness it's Friday though. What have you been up to this week?

Kate xx

Please note all names used in the above photo are not children that I teach but merely an excuse for me to try my hand at a few fonts.

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