Tuesday, 11 February 2014

52 List: Seven

52 Lists: List your to do list this week

  1. Find out what that strange rumbly noise is in my car (update: I have just been to the garage and found out that it's nothing to worry about or in the mechanic's words "it's going to have to get worse before I can work out what it is". That fills me with delight but at least it's sorted and before 10am on Monday morning!)
  2. Plan all this week's sessions
  3. Send lots of postcards to all my uni Friends
  4. Organise 'Chai and chat' with my friends on Sunday (my first Sunday off for ages!)
  5. Don't forget course on Thursday
  6. Whilst most who work in schools are counting down until half term I will be working all week so lots of planning to be done on a musicals theme so it's not all bad. Now to chose a musical!
  7. Set up Internet banking (also done by 11am)
  8. Again find my inner public speaker and get ready for a series of assemblies
  9. Go to the post office 
  10. Explore one of the villages I work in on my break
So the idea this week was my to do list but not the one that looks good on the blog. The things you actually have to get done this week, the real life things. I'm really looking forward to reading everyone else's this week because it's a little snapshot into a bloggers real everyday life. 
This series is the brainchild of Ema at Made in Hunters. Do pop by and have a look.

Let me know what's on your list
Kate xx

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