Friday, 7 March 2014

A Chocolaty Pancake Day

Due to me working on Tuesday evening, in a spontaneous decision, we celebrated pancake day on Monday. I've had this chocolate pancake recipe for ages and I prefer it to a plain pancake. I'd forgotten how simple pancakes are to make and we had everything in the cupboard so I don't understand why we don't eat them more often. My brother and I made these yummy delights (and it's his photography skills too). Basically we had chocolate pancakes with chocolate sauce (just melt chocolate, butter and golden syrup together) and tinned peaches. I like to have a little fruit with my pancakes otherwise all that chocolate can be a little heavy and tinned peaches are just so handy to have in the cupboard. 4 pancakes later I was suitably stuffed and had a great laugh with my brother.

How did you celebrate pancake day?
Kate xx


  1. Oooooooh this is an interesting combination, don't think I've seen anyone else have chocolate pancakes .. good call!

  2. Oh my these look amazing, I've never tried chocolate pancakes! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life