Wednesday, 30 April 2014

52 Lists: Eighteen

52 Lists: List the things you would do if you won the lottery

  1. Buy my cricket club its very own ground so we don't have to play on the playing fields.
  2. Get a new car where I'm not scared it's going to break down every 2 seconds and I can fit more than a couple of bags of sports kit in.
  3. Take my mum on the holiday to Scotland that she has been asking for every Christmas and Birthday since I can remember.
  4. Move out to my very own place. I crave the independence of living on my own, but I just can't afford to right now.
  5. Buy an ipad. I'd love to be able to work much more efficiently without carrying a tree's worth of paper around with me.
And to be honest that is all I can think of apart from the obvious little treats. I feel I'm not to materialistic so "things" don't really float my boat.

What would you do if you won the lottery?
You can find out what Emma (who is running the project) would do here.
Kate xx


  1. You'll love an iPad!! I don't use mine to it's fullest potential but now that school is done I plan to!!

    1. It would be really useful for planning, using for music and videos. Plus there's so many cool apps I want to get. Let me know if you find any apps you think I might like.
      Kate xx